Upcoming DC Movie Director Shares Details & What He Expects From The Actor

By Anshul Hardikar | 1 year ago
Upcoming DC Movie Director Shares Details & What He Expects From The Actor
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DCEU has announced a series of possible movies. Nightwing is one of the movies under development. Written and directed by Chris McKay, some very important details about the movie have come to light recently.

McKay himself took the time out to reveal what his vision is for the movie and what he expects from the actor who will play the role.

McKay’s vision for the movie

Screen Rant reported that McKay has envisioned the solo Nightwing movie to be based on martial arts, gymnastics, and stunt work that will be as good as the comic books.

Since Nightwing aka Dick Grayson is considered to be one of the most athletic heroes in the DC universe, the above-mentioned elements are what the movie will be based on.

The director also spoke about the things he is considering not including in the solo movie. He mentioned that Grayson’s journey of becoming Robin and then Nightwing is something that he might not include.

Also, his equation and conflict with his mentor is something that has happened in the past. Contrary to what was believed, Nightwing will not be a light-hearted superhero movie, it will be highlighting the heroic journey of Grayson and how he went on to establish his own independent identity.

Expectations from the aspiring actor

Since the movie will be including a lot of martial arts, stunt work, and gymnastics, McKay expects that the actor who is aspiring to get cast as Nightwing will be proficient in all of these.

The actor will also have to have the same kind of love for the character like the writer-director has. McKay also expects that the actor will be fully committed to the role.

Going by McKay’s vision, it certainly looks like Nightwing will be nothing like The Batman. Previous reports indicated that if Ben Affleck’s solo movie will be really serious and a noir detective movie, Nightwing will be taking a lighter route.

But it looks like Nightwing is aiming forward to become an independent property within the DCEU and not be a part of the bigger Batman-verse.

Comic book origin

McKay’s vision to include stunt work and gymnastics in the solo movie is not wrong. Back in the comics, Nightwing is actually one of the most athletic heroes there is.

He was trained by Batman at a very young age and is perhaps the only hero who is considered to be as good as the Dark Knight himself. At one point of time when Batman went missing, Grayson stepped in and took on the identity of Batman.

In the comics, Batman himself has considered Grayson to be his successor. He also put his own biological son Damien Wayne under Grayson’s watch because he believes Grayson will be the right mentor to the Wayne lad.

Potential choices

Until now there were many names pitched for the role. But with the new description, potential choices will further narrow down. Twilight star Taylor Lautner is perhaps the only one who comes across as the right choice for the role.

He has been training in martial arts since the age of six and is in the right age to play the character. Apart from him fans have also suggested casting Jared Padalecki or Finn Wittrock for the role but it remains to be seen who gets cast.

Plot and release date

Nightwing does not have an official plot yet but reports have stated that it will be set in Gotham’s neighboring city of Bludhaven and focus on developing Nightwing as an independent hero. Nightwing does not have a release date yet.


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