‘Once Upon A Time’ Lands More Surprises

By Susmita Bhattacharya | 2 years ago
‘Once Upon A Time’ Lands More Surprises
Emma and Regina in Once Upon A Time

The fairy tale returns with its 5th season, where the premiere showing has the media excited! Soon, viewers will be part of  the journey that Snow White, Prince Charming and the rest of the fairy tale folk is going to make.

The premiere that was named “The Dark Swan” unlocks many a thing that may heighten the interest of the fans and they will fix their eyes on the show as it will land on the small screen. Previously, we reported that “OUAT” is welcoming quintessential contemporary elements like an LGBT romance to let the show give a chance to bridge the edges of past and present.

The premiere indicates that the action quotient will be higher and this thrill-packed iconic show will see Emma’s dark side. Well it was quite a predictable twist and the fans would certainly be excited to witness the dynamic shift in the characters.


In the previous season, Emma played by Jennifer Morrison sacrificed herself and this time the savior is seen to struggle to fit in the evil box. The magical show promises fairytale intrigue, as the first four seasons were heaved straightl from the Disney animated library, whereas the new one will mark the appearance of the first Pixar canon character.

Actress Amy Manson will be introduced as the particular character “Brave” heroine Merida. The two pivotal female characters Manson and Morrison will be another reason to watch the show apart from getting magical details in the arsenal of knowledge. The main concern of the premiere lies on the fact that Sword Excalibur’s core content has made the Dark One’s Dagger. We may see Merlin banish the power before Emma consumes it completely. But if everything depends upon Excalibur itself, then more thrills will grace the way. The Storybrooke gang will acquire another familiar Disney facet that shapes Belle’s existence, just like in the classic “Beauty and the Beast”.

Most of all, the ending of the premiere has manifested such stimulating manoeuvres that the fans will be desperate to catch the immediate episodes of this mystical fairy tale as it has returned last Sunday, Sept. 27 at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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