Once Upon a Time Season 3 Recap: Unforgiven

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 3 Recap: Unforgiven
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Okay, now that we have Ursula and Cruela at Storybrooke, where is Maleficent? And do you remember how Ursula, Cruela and David and Snow’s conversation in the previous episode? It turns out David and Snow are hiding a huge secret and any moment now, that secret will blow up and may just wreak havoc in Storybrooke in “Once Upon a Time” Season 3, Episode 14 “Unforgiven.”

The episode kicked off with Maleficent threatening to reveal Snow’s secret, which would break her family. Luckily, this was only a dream but it stung Snow. When she woke up, she knows that she has to find a way to get the queens out of Storybrooke.

As for Cruella and Ursula, people in Storybrooke are not thrilled by their presence. They even tried to taunt Regina regarding her evil past. Regina wasn’t going to have that and threatened the both of them that if they continue to bring up her past she might as well throw them out of town.

Snow and David were panicky with the presence of Ursula and Cruella. It was because they know that it won’t be long until those two summon Maleficent and that’s what they are most scared of. Ursula and Cruella went to Gold’s to retrieve something that they needed so much. They managed to get Maleficent’s secret box, which means that they are going to wake her up.

So, what’s the big secret? We go on a flashback during the Enchanted Forest days when Snow and Charming first encountered the three dark queens after their honeymoon. They wanted to make a deal with them. It was because it turns out that Regina stole the darkest curse from Maleficent. She was going to use it, which means that they should find a way to stop her. Of course, Regina did set the curse, which is why there’s “Once Upon a Time.” The queens needed answers from the wisdom tree, but the tree could only be unlocked by heroes namely Snow and Charming.

Snow and Charming set forth to the wisdom tree. They asked how to stop the curse. Instead of getting an answer, it exploded and Maleficent realized that the reason they couldn’t get the answer from the tree. It was because Snow was pregnant with Emma. Maleficent told them that even if they are both heroes that doesn’t mean their child would automatically be one. If ever she turned out evil, she could be darkest one.

Back in Storybrooke, David and Snow were on a mission to find Maleficent’s ashes for her not to be resurrected. They still had a small trinket of Maleficent’s that would stop her from coming back.

With Ursula’s presence in Storybrooke, Emma questioned Hook about her. That’s when it became clear to her that Hook’s holding something back from his pirating days. Emma decided that that doesn’t matter if Hook doesn’t want to share his past with her.

Meanwhile, Regina and Henry were still looking for the Author. They encountered a possibility when they found out that August changed Pinocchio’s story in the book, which meant that Regina could have that, too! And the good news is even if August isn’t around anymore, Pinnochio is. So, Emma asked Pinnochio if he remembers anything about the change August had done but he came up short. Geppeto, in the end, gave Regina August’s bag.

Cruella and Ursula were a few steps ahead David and Snow. They have managed to lure both of them in a cave to get the blood of the people who wronged Maleficent, the final ingredient to bring her back. Just like that Maleficent is back and was ready to make Snow and David pay.

It turns out that during the Enchanted Forest days, Maleficent was pregnant too. She wanted to team up with Snow and David to protect their children but surprisingly, Snow didn’t want to because she believed that the good will win. And the small trinket that Snow and David have of Maleficent is a rattle because the reason why Maleficent lost her child was because of Snow and David.

Now, the three queens are watching over Storybrooke, waiting for the perfect chance to strike. If Emma finds out that she has darkness inside of her that her parents kept from her, she would be so mad.

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