Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premiere Recap: A Tale of Two Sisters

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Premiere Recap: A Tale of Two Sisters
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Storybrooke is now frozen… “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 is back, and we got to see the braided sisters that have been the talk of the town ever since Season 3 wrapped up. Read on to find out about what happened in the Season 4 premiere, “A Tale of Two Sisters.”

A wedding is about to happen, but before that, the episode opened with Anna and Elsa’s parents on the ship that caused their lives. Before that tragic event, we saw their mother writing a letter to her two daughters. She put the letter in a bottle, hoping that it will reach her girls because “they need to know the truth.” Truth about what?

Elsa was cooking up a surprise for Anna for her wedding day. She gave Anna their mother’s wedding dress, and Anna was struggling with the fact that Sven will walk her down the aisle. Anna wasn’t that thrilled with the idea, and she was also thinking about what Kristoff would wear. We’re guessing that just because her fiancé was raised by trolls, she didn’t really trust his sense of style at all. While they were talking about her upcoming wedding, Elsa came across her mom’s diary, and it all came back to her — their parents’ death was her fault, or so she thought.

Anna didn’t get it why Elsa thinks that it is her fault that their parents died, so Elsa tried to explain it to Anna. Elsa thought that her parents thought of her as a monster, but Anna, being such a good sister, told her that she’s going to prove to her that she is not a monster. Then they went to the trolls, Anna’s future in-laws, and Grand Pabbie was there and revealed to them that their parents were on their way to Misthaven.

Elsa couldn’t find Anna, so she went to Kristoff. Kristoff told her that Anna went to Misthaven and that Misthaven is actually the Enchanted Forest.

In Storybrooke, Elsa wasn’t so happy with her surroundings as she feels uneasy. She came across Grumpy and Sleepy, and because of her being uncomfortable in the place, she froze their car. Elsa also created a snowman to defend herself.

In other news, Emma was back, and she brought Robin Hood and his wife, Marian, with her. Of course, this was not good news for Regina because she’s already hurting from the whole Marian thing when they found out that she was still alive. To make things worse, Robin even had the nerve to introduce his wife to Regina. OUCH. As for Marian, she still thought of Regina as evil. Regina walked away from them.

Robin went to Regina to talk and he apologized to her, telling her that he loves her, but he has a commitment to honor with Marian. Regina then wanted to do something about it. She started looking for Sidney to turn back the time because she wanted to change the future and undo what Emma has done. Her plan? Kill Marian, and the only way Sidney would be of help to her would be to become the Magic Mirror again.

Regina and Hook almost shared an intimate moment when Grumpy and Sleepy ran up to them to tell them about Elsa’s presence. They went to where the two saw Elsa but only to be greeted by the snowman that Elsa made. The snowman was ready to attack, and no magic worked. Good thing that Regina came to save the day. Then Hook started talking to Emma again, but Emma wasn’t ready to have that talk with him yet, so she just kissed him.

Belle and Gold shared a beautiful scene when they learned to forgive each other, and they danced a la “Beauty and the Beast.” However, after the dance, Gold unveiled the Sorcerer’s Hat. Oops.

Emma talked to Regina and told her that she will not stop working to give Regina a happy ending. It turned out that Regina can’t have her kind of happy ending because Sidney told her that villains never win in Storybrooke. Regina, determined to get her happy ending, has another plan in mind: She’s going to look for the person who wrote the book and ask him/her to give villains a happy ending.

Where was Elsa amidst everything that’s happening in Storybrooke? Well, she ran into Gold’s shop and found Anna’s snowflake necklace, which means that Anna passed by there to get to Misthaven.

And that’s it for the first episode of “Once Upon a Time” Season 4. What do you think of the premiere? Let us know by posting your comments below!

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