Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: The Apprentice

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: The Apprentice
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

A romantic date and a wizard? That’s what we saw in “Once Upon a Time” Season 4 Episode 4 “The Apprentice.” Read on to learn more about this episode.

It turned out that before Rumple came to Storybrooke, there’s another sorceror’s apprentice before him who apparently has tried to break open the box but never succeeded. Surprising, though, that Rumple has managed to get the sorcerer’s hat out of it, which means that he was able to open it. However, according to the sorceror’s apprentice, many Dark Ones have tried to break it open but failed. What kind of darkness does Rumple have?

Meanwhile, in Mr. Gold’s shop, Hook’s hand was finally restored, but Gold still warned him that he is still a dark pirate. However, Hook had other things in mind because he’s taking out Emma for a date that night. On the other hand, Emma was being treated like a child when her parents took a picture of her before she went out on her date.

Hook brought Emma to an Italian restaurant, and it was the most ideal fairytale date that went bad when Will Scarlett spilled wine on Emma. Hook's hand was the focus the entire evening. He went to Gold’s after the date, and there, he found a drunk Will Scarlett. He punched him and threatened him to keep his silence. Then he went to find Rumple to have his hook returned. And that meant another favor from Rumple. Oops.

Anna showed up at Rumple’s front door, and she wished to know about Elsa’s powers. However, before Rumple could spill anything to her, he made sure first that it is under one condition as he asked Anna to bring poison to a house found at the foot of the dark mountains. Anna obliged, but instead of putting it on the tea of the Apprentice, she placed it over the fire. She went back to Rumple and told him what she did. Rumple told her that it wasn’t poison but an antidote. The Apprentice then turned into a mouse. Now, it’s time for Rumple to fulfill Anna’s request, which means that Anna must find the inner darkness within herself.

Rumple was threatening and taunting her, and she wanted to kill him. Instead, she turned away from that. She also managed to get the dagger from Rumple, and that revealed the limit of the powers of the Dark Ones. She asked to go home for her sister and fiancé to be safe and the Apprentice to be restored to his human form. She went away carrying the box that contains the hat.

Meanwhile, Rumple and Hook went on a mission, while Mr. Gold did some magic on the Apprentice’s broom. It went straight to his doorstep, and he opened the hat and trapped the Apprentice inside. Anna arrived in Arendelle with a heavy feeling, especially knowing that the hat is with her, which has the power to absorb any kinds of powers.

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