Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Lily

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Lily
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Once Upon a Time” Season 4, Episode 20 “Lily” was more of an anticlimax after the climatic Episode 19, which is actually a good thing because it creates balance. Sometimes, too much action can be draining, this particular episode just rightly lull us with a pinch of action. Read below for the full recap.

Emma and Regina left Storybrooke. They need to track down Maleficent’s daughter. But before we get to that part, we were provided with a flashback first.

We saw the young Emma meeting a young girl named Lily. They became friends right away, but the two separated because Emma found out that Lily lied to her about her life. However, they had another encounter again when Emma had a new foster home, which was actually really nice and normal. She was finally in a good place until Lily showed up to ruin everything for her.

Lily asked for her help, but she didn’t explain what kind of help she needs. Emma found it out on her own when she saw on the news that lily got herself into an armed robbery and she was in hiding. She told Lily to leave town but what Lily needed from her was to retrieve her mom’s necklace from the house where she and her boyfriend used to squat in before they got into hiding.

Emma retrieved Lily’s necklace from her and Lily went away with her boyfriend. However, that’s when things started to go downhill for Emma when her foster parents found out about Lily. She even told her that Lily suddenly disappeared along with their vacation fund. Her foster father told her that they are letting go of her because she might be a danger for their children.

Emma was so mad at Lily and she caught up with her at the bus station. Lily was even happy that Emma got to join her and they could live like queens with the money that she’s stolen. Emma disapproves and Lily lied to her again and that’s when Emma left her for good. Or that’s what she thought because apparently, Lily had an encounter with the sorcerer’s apprentice.

Okay, back in the present day, it’s time to look for Lily because Maleficent is now on the side of the good guys as long as they can get her daughter for her. It was only Emma’s mission at first, but Regina tagged along because she also wants to save Robin and she could really use Emma’s help. And yeah, it turns out that Lily is actually Maleficent’s daughter.

They found Lily working at a diner. She told them to leave her alone because she now has a family of her own and she hasn’t thought of Emma ever since. Emma could sense that she’s lying, but Lily was still faster than she is because the next thing they know, Lily has stolen their car, about to run again. Luckily, Emma managed to catch up with her. She almost shot Lily with a gun because you know, we’re seeing her darker side. In the end, it was actually Regina who stopped her from doing that.

Now that they got Lily they headed to Robin’s flat to rescue him but Robin doesn’t want to come because he can’t leave Marian… because she’s pregnant.

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