Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Rocky Road

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Rocky Road
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

The latest episode of “Once Upon a Time” Season 4, Episode 3 “Rocky Road,” revealed the Snow Queen and her evil ways, a happy ending mission on the works and Elsa was still on the journey to find her sister. Read on for the full recap.

Marian took what Robin said about Storybrooke seriously that she’s going to love it in time. And to make an effort, she walked with Robin and Rolan around town and got an ice cream, and the Snow Queen was the one who served them. She placed a special topping on Marian’s ice cream.

Emma talked to Rumple about Anna’s necklace, but he said he had nothing to do about it. However, Emma didn’t buy it, so Belle had to take out the dagger to demand the truth from him. But surprise, surprise, Rumple was actually telling the truth this time!

Back in Arendelle, Elsa was getting so worried about Anna, but Kristoff told her that she has Arendelle to run. She should focus on that because Prince Hans is setting up an army to take Arendelle away from her.

In Storybrooke, Marian fainted, and a white streak was seen in her hair, just like the one in Anna’s hair in “Frozen!” So that’s the effect of that special topping the Snow Queen has placed. Meanwhile, Regina brought some comic books for Henry, but we all know that Regina only did this because she needs Henry’s help. She needed the writer to write her a happy ending, and Henry, seeing that Regina needed a favor from her, obliged.

However, before they could do that, Robin came to Regina asking for help with Marian. Then Elsa showed up, telling them that she didn’t do anything. Robin kissed Marian because they all thought that a true love’s kiss will make things work, but it didn’t.

Back in Arendelle, Kristoff spied on Prince Hans, and he saw that he was holding an urn. He went to Elsa to tell her about the urn, and both of them headed to Prince Hans to get it. But before they destroyed it, Elsa saw a writing on it that she found very interesting. Then Prince Hans and his brothers came up to them, and there was some major fight that happened until the urn smashed, and the Snow Queen came out of it! It turned out that the Snow Queen is Elsa’s mother’s sister!

Regina still thought that she can help Marian, and she did by taking her heart out and putting it in a box until she finds the cure. While she was doing this, Robin told him that he’s in love with someone else and that is the reason the true love’s kiss didn’t work!

The Snow Queen was creating chaos in Storybrooke, and she came face to face with Emma, thinking that she could defeat her. However, Emma was strong enough. The Snow Queen managed to ran away.  She seemed to be scheming around as she told Elsa before her battle with Emma that she’s going to help her find Anna.

In this episode, we also saw a very romantic scene between Emma and Hook. The episode ended with a revelation: the Snow Queen and Rumple were talking, and Rumple asked her if she’s ready to make a deal. However, the Snow Queen said she isn’t ready yet. What’s the deal?

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