Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Sympathy For the De Vil

By April Lara | 3 years ago
Once Upon a Time Season 4 Recap: Sympathy For the De Vil
The Once Upon A Time cast speaking at the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

Nothing is as evil as Cruella in “Once Upon a Time” Season 4, Episode 19 “Sympathy for the De Vil” as we discovered the truth behind Cruella’s evilness, er, personality. Read below for the full recap:

It started with a flashback: a lot of Dalmatians running around and we saw a young Cruella and she wasn’t evil at all, but her mother was. In the present day, Maleficent confronted Cruella about Lily but Cruella provoked her and she turned into a dragon, which clearly means that she doesn’t have time for that, and so she used her powers and put Maleficent to sleep.

Regina was on her way to NYC to save Robin, yet there’s a huge obstacle that she had to face there: Rumple. However, no worries because she can handle Rumple. On the other hand, Rumple was with the Author inside his secret cabin and still in possession of the quill, which means that he’s controlling every move of The Author and what he wants to do is to turn Emma dark.

Belle summoned Rumple, who told her why he wants the Author to rewrite his story: because he doesn’t want to lose his ability to love and it is the Author who could only change this. To his surprise, Ben didn’t care and even called him “pathetic.” What he didn’t know is it was Regina controlling Belle and Regina told Rumple that if he told Zelena of her plan she would kill Belle.

Cruella found the Author at the cabin and she demanded that he give back what he took from her but the Author doesn’t want to.

We get into another flashback where we saw Cruella as a teenager stuck in the attic. That’s when she met the Author when he showed up at their house to ask questions because he planned to write about the tale of Cruella’s mother but he was thrown out when he asked her why all of her husbands were dead. And that’s when Cruella shouted at him from the window and the Author of course took her away.

Cruella told him that her mother poisoned her father and her mother doesn’t want the secret to get out so she locks her in the attic. That’s when the Author revealed who he truly is and told Cruella about the quill and the ink. However, the Author warned her that once the ink spilled he wouldn’t be able to tell anymore what would happen. He also gave her magic to protect her from her mother, the ability to control the actions of the animals that she wants. The Author was ready to start a life with her and she wanted to as well but she wanted to deal with her mother first.

Cruella’s mother came revealed the secret: it was actually Cruella who killed her father and two of her husbands. Cruella proved her guilt when she ran away with the Author’s quill and ink. When Cruella’s mother returned home Cruella was there waiting for her to kill her. The Author also discovered that Cruella made a coat of her mother’s dogs so he went after her and found his quill. Things got a bit crazy when they try to fight for it and the ink spilled all over Cruella and the Author managed to change Cruella’s fate forever with the little ink that he had left.

Back in the present day, Emma and Regina got a call that Cruella kidnapped Henry. Rumple discovered the connection between the Author and Cruella and the Author showed him a mysterious piece of paper.

Cruella got distracted playing Angry Birds that Henry managed to escape but Cruella got to him and pointed a gun at him. Emma showed up in time and had to make a deicision. Emma pushed Cruella off to the cliff.

When all of that was happening, Snow and Charming got to the Author and the Author told them that he was just trying to protect the world from Cruella and what he had written was for Cruella not to be able to take anyone’s life anymore. Bingo! Rumple knew all about this and he got what he wanted. Since Emma killed Cruella, she would turn to darkness and isn’t that what he really wants?

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