Upside Down is a Sci-Fi Romantic Movie

By admin | 5 years ago

Upside DownUpside Down has a lot working against it. It is supposed to be an Adam and Eve story but the strong idea is burdened by its execution. In the beginning, Adam (Jim Sturgess) explains about the two planets that are bound by gravity but citizens are not allowed to interact with each other. Up Top people are rich and powerful. They are the total opposites of people from Down Below, where every day is rainy and gloomy.

The young Adam from Down Below falls in love with Eden (Kirsten Dunst) from Up Top. In order to meet with each other, Eden swings down on a rope towards Down Below. But their illegal relationship is discovered and they are forced not to see each other again.

But their true love knows no boundaries and years later Adam finds out that Eden works at TransWorld, the interplanetary company. Adam devises a way to get a job in the company as well in order to meet Eden.

Before Adam can see Eden again, he has to overcome obstacles along the way. He must find a way to deal with the opposing gravitational pulls. He must also be careful because he can be jailed by just talking to her. To make matters more complicated, Eden is suffering from amnesia and doesn’t remember him at all.

Writer/director Juan Solanas manages to make Upside Down visually enticing but it is not enough to cover up the lapses in logic. He is asking a lot of suspension of disbelief with the concept and yet the illogical things make it more difficult to just accept the things happening onscreen.

Sturgess and most of the cast members feel like two dimensional characters. The talented Dunst can’t connect with her leading man. Sturgess drags her performance down even if she gives it all her best.

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