US GQ Condemns Kim Kardashian for ‘UK Woman Of The Year’ Award [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago

British GQ recently hailed reality star Kim Kardashian as today’s  “Woman of the Year” for 2014.  The “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” star was presented with the “Woman of the Year award,” by GQ’s editor Dylan Jones. But according to Radar Online, the American GQ seems to be of the different opinion with that awarding by their British counterpart. The U.S. of the popular magazine has crossly responded to people’s fuming tweets about Kim Kardashian getting the “Woman of the Year,” award. Read on to learn more about Movie News Guide’s (MNG) scoop on the exciting news.

“Good morning, citizens of the UK. We’re still GQ US, and we still gave no awards. Congratulations on the new royal baby, though,” shared U.S. version of GQ Magazine on Twiter.

The surprising announcement by the British GQ has enraged Twitter fans for presenting Kardashian with the  “Woman of the Year” award, calling that a “slip-up” and a “blunder.”

Instead of overlooking the incursion of vile comments, the U.S. publication seemed fairly ardent to let the Twitterverse know they weren’t accountable for presenting the award and answered all the tweets questioning it.

Username @travi44 even explained it as “an error in judgment” whereas @stevecook_32 tweeted, “I held y’all to a higher standard that’s all. Woman of the year!? For what?,”

“You named Kim Kardashian woman of the year? SMH…you need to take a long hard look in the mirror,” commented user Jake Johnson.

Here is the response of GQ:

“Woman of the Year: Did she cure cancer? Stop ISIS? She took her clothes off ..geeesh you have low standards,” tweeted an username sexysportsfan.

Again GQ US replied to her message:

Do you think Kim Kardashian deserve “Woman of the Year” award?  Let your voice heard in the comments below.

And that’s it for MNG’s Kim Kardashian and “GQ Men Of The Year Awards” update. For more television, entertainment and celebrity news coming up stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG). Check out the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ David Shankbone


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