USA Network’s ‘Dig’ Delayed to 2015, May Get More Episodes

By Rachel Cruz | 3 years ago
USA Network’s ‘Dig’ Delayed to 2015, May Get More Episodes
Jason Isaacs at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California.

USA Network is pushing the premiere of the Jason Isaac event drama starrer “Dig” to a later date. The show, which was initially set for a fall season launch, will move its debut to early 2015. Read on for more details about this development.

According to Deadline, the cable network has decided it would push the debut of “Dig” to 2015 as the show was marred by production delays. In July, it was reported that production moved out of Jerusalem, where filming was taking place, in light of the political situation of the region. But according to Tim Kring, show creator, at that time, the relocation was not going to be an issue.

“There’s a great history in Hollywood of covering one location for another. We were able to shoot a lot in Jerusalem which will get reused and also it set the visual template, so we know how to tie into those visuals in some other part of the world. It’s amazing what you can do with set extensions and CG, but for all the interiors and certain desert scenes, New Mexico will cover brilliantly for that,” said Kring in an earlier statement addressed during the fan assembly at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The latest announcement, however, implied that USA Network and Universal Cable Productions, which produce the series, have met difficulties with following the intended schedule for fall. But there’s a bright spot to this delay as USA Network is also considering adding more episodes of “Dig” from its initial six-episode order.

“Dig” centers on Agent Peter Connelly (Isaacs), an FBI Special Agent who is assigned in Jerusalem. While working on the case of an American citizen murdered in the region, Agent Connelly apparently comes across an artifact that leads to clues that brings a 2,000-year-old conspiracy to light. The agent also finds himself the prime suspect of the murder.

The idea of the show stemmed from a conversation between the producers who thought that a drama series set in Jerusalem, with archaeology as its running theme, has not yet been done on television.

The series, which is created by Tim Kring, the man behind “Heroes” and “Touch,” will also star Anne Heche (“Save Me”), Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”), Alison Sudol (“A Fine Frenzy”), Omar Metwally (“Non-Stop”), David Costabile (“Breaking Bad”) and Regina Taylor (“The Unit”).

And that’s the word on “Dig” from USA Network, which will be launched in early 2015, instead of this coming fall. For more news and updates about this series, keep checking Movie News Guide (MNG).

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