Usher in Custody Battle with Ex-Wife

By admin | 6 years ago

Usher, the R&B singer who is legally known as Usher Raymond is amidst a fierce battle with his ex-wife, Tameka Foster for custody of the couple’s two sons. Foster is asking for complete physical custody of the two boys and wants Usher to only have visitation rights. Both Usher and his wife have been tossing barbs back and forth about one another.

Usher detailed in court an incident that took place when he brought his new girlfriend to Foster’s home. The woman, Grace Miguel, remained in the car, which was parked away from Foster’s home. He said he did so to prevent any negative reaction on Foster’s part. However, when Foster found out that Miguel was in Usher’s car, she went to confront Miguel, opened the door of the car and became threatening. Usher said Foster spit on Miguel, attacked him when he tried to intervene and threw food on his car when he drove off.

Foster said she does not like Usher coming and going in the lives of their two sons. She testified that he is gone for a number of months at a time. When Foster’s lawyer cross-examined Usher, he tried to make it look as if Usher preferred partying and not parenting. Usher also was asked questions about drug use and he testified he had smoked pot, but had never used drugs in front of the boys.

The court battle started last November when Foster tried to strip joint custody from Usher. She filed papers in court to ensure Usher paid for nannies she hired, to make sure her Saks Fifth Avenue credit line remained open and to increase her child support.

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