Usher Wins Custody of Children from Ex-Wife

By admin | 6 years ago

A judge ruled on Friday that Usher would receive primary custody of his two children. The judge said that joint legal custody would be between Usher and his ex-wife Tameka Foster Raymond, but he would be the primary holder. The ruling finally brought to an end the bitter battle the two have raged since 2008 when they separated.   The new arrangement for custody for the two boys – Usher V, who is 4 and Naviyd Ely who is 3, will start in September the clerk of the court said in Atlanta on Friday. The ruling was another hard blow to Tameka. Her son Kile Glover, who was 11-years old, died on July 27 following a jet-ski accident that left the youngster brain dead.

Usher was not the father of the boy, but the singer was very distraught over his death, but Tameka, in papers filed in August said she disputed that her ex-husband’s grief was authentic.

A hearing was scheduled to be held on August 14 and Usher petitioned the court to delay it based on the circumstances that had happened with the death of his former stepson. He also said that the ruling could favor Tameka at the time because the court might feel more sympathy for her because she was in mourning.

Tameka called that foul saying in court docs that Usher had faked his grief, had only visited Kile once while the boy was hospitalized and did not attend the July 27 funeral for Kile.

The delay was not granted to Usher in August, but he did get the decision he was looking for on Friday. The couple’s marriage ended with their official divorce in 2009.


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