Vaishali Keswani Admits That Big Nik, Her Teen Son, Earns More than Her

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Vaishali Keswani Admits That Big Nik, Her Teen Son, Earns More than Her
Big Nik

Vaishali Keswani may be a doctor by profession, but it is her son who brings all the real big bucks to their home through his Vine account. Read on to know the entire story.

Keswani is really proud of her teenage son, Nik.  Nik is better known as Big Nik to his fans and has got his fame and name, courtesy his six-second comedy bits.

Nik’s social media endorsements along with his clips and other appearances fetch him an income in the range of $4,000 to $10,000 in a month, his mother said.

Though Keswani is a trained optometrist, there are months when Nik earns more than his mother. Keswani is proud of the fact that her son is just getting bigger with every passing month.

But, do not expect that Nik would blow off all his income on stunning vacations and luxury sports cars. Though, he has tasted success at such a young age, he is thoroughly focused on other things in life such as getting a good education and saving money for his future, though for many these would not sound as very lucrative propositions.

Nik admitted that he has been saving a lot of money as gaining experience is more important to him than the money.

Complacency has not hit him though his income has increased by leaps and bounds. Neither has it stopped him to chase his other dreams.

The 17-year old will soon be enrolling in a good college and then hopes to start a career in the world of acting.

Nik said that education is the most important thing for him right now. He can then do his social media.

Recently, the vine star was pleasantly surprised to find Justin Bieber sitting next to him at a dinner table after the former was invited by the CEO of Shots, John Shahidi. “Shots” is a social media app for sharing the selfie.

The Vine Star was full of praises for Justin Bieber after that.

We hope that this young star fulfills all his dreams in the coming years.

Picture Source: Facebook/BigNikVine

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