Val Kilmer: Batman Forever Star’s Idea For The Batman Movie

By Anshul Hardikar | 2 years ago
Val Kilmer: Batman Forever Star’s Idea For The Batman Movie
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Val Kilmer is known for quite the roles but playing Batman is one that fans remember the most. Starring as the Dark Knight in Batman Forever, Kilmer took on the role after Michael Keaton decided not to return in the role after two movies.

Looking at the current condition that The Batman is in, the former Dark knight pitched an idea as to what could the solo Batman movie could have. Comprising of every actor that has played Batman, the idea is somewhat intriguing.

All previous Batman actors reported that Kilmer was on Twitter and responded to a tweet. The tweet he was responding to was from one Michael Keaton that must have gotten the Batman Forever star slightly confused.

According to the outlet, mistaking this Michael Keaton with the actual movie star, Kilmer pitched an idea for a Batman movie. The idea obviously comes across as dynamic but it still depends on the studio.

According to the actor’s pitch, he, Keaton, George Clooney and Christian Bale, all of whom have played the role of Batman before should appear in The Batman in cameo roles.

Not just cameo roles, these roles should be of bad guys so when Ben’s Batman encounters them in the movie, he can kill all of them. While the idea does sound a little off for anyone to pick up on, if the actors were placed in the right kind of bad guy roles, the makers could perhaps make it work.

Considering Kilmer’s choice, if each of the previous Dark Knights are cast in bad guy roles, here are villains that each actor could play.

Christian Bale as Two-Face

Christian Bale did a stupendous job as the Dark Knight in The Dark Knight trilogy. Made by Christopher Nolan, it re-started the Batman franchise that came to an abrupt end after George Clooney played it.

If there were to be another role in the Batman-verse that Bale could play in The Batman, it could be of Harvey Dent. When he was playing Batman, Aaron Eckhart played the role and put an interesting twist to it.

Considering Bale is a perfectionist, his performance can pump back life into the character. Also since Two-face’s other personality Harvey Dent is a character that has had a close friendship with Bruce Wayne, it would only bring more drama to the character.

Additionally, if not Two-Face then Bale could also play Hush, a role that fans want Matt Damon to play in The Batman.

George Clooney As Hush

If Christian Bale would not look good as Hush than maybe Clooney would. Hush aka Thomas Elliot is Bruce’s childhood friend whose childhood was more or less like Wayne.

Except in his case, he had an abusive father who would torture his mother. Following some disturbing events in his life when Elliot was put in a psychiatric ward, he started to blame Bruce for everything wrong in his life.

However, prior to becoming a supervillain, he was also a surgeon educated at Harvard University.

Michael Keaton as Clock King

If there is one bad guy role that Keaton can play, it has to be Clock King. Though the supervillain does not have any abilities, he is extraordinarily smart and extensively uses time and clock for gimmicks that can have devastating effects.

Back in the comics, there was one version of the Clock King that could see four seconds in the future, which would help him anticipate his opponent’s move. Keaton could play this version of the character as it would give him an edge against the Dark Knight in a fight.

If not for a bad guy, Keaton has also been considered the fan favorite for an older Bruce Wayne that exists in the world of Batman Beyond.

Val Kilmer as Mad Hatter

Finally, if it is a villain that Kilmer wants to play, he can play Mad Hatter. Much like many other villains he too does not have any superpowers but he uses his ability to dominate and control the human mind using a certain neuro- technique.

He also uses hypnosis to tackle his enemies, which makes him a lethal enemy of the Batman. Over the last few years, he has gone down a much darker path in the comics. It remains to be seen if there are any takers to Kilmer’s idea or not.

The Batman movie does not have an official release date yet.


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