Valerie Weigmann Joins Miss World Philippines 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]

By Ambika Thakur | 3 years ago
Valerie Weigmann Joins Miss World Philippines 2014 [WATCH VIDEO]
Miss World 2013 in New York Philippines Independence Day Parade/Marktanoja78

In 2013, an actress, a model, a VJ and a host, Megan Lynne Young, won the Miss World Philippines title and was later crowned as Miss World 2013 in Bali, Indonesia. For 2014,  the expectations are high with the Filipino delegate as she will seek to repeat the conquest of reigning Miss World title holder. This year’s pageant is expected to be one of its best and most anticipated. Read on for the complete list of Miss World Philippines 2014 candidates.

The 26 official candidates for Miss World Philippines 2014 were formally presented to the media at the Eclipse Bar of Solaire Resort and Casino on Wednesday, Sept. 17, 2014.

ABS-CBN reported that Valerie Weigmann, one of the contestants in the network’s reality show “Pinoy Big Brother, is one of the 26 hopefuls for the  Miss World Philippines 2014. Weigmann joined “Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition” in 2008, where actor Ejay Falcon was proclaimed as the winner.  After that show, she went on to work in commercials, co-host midday shows and appear on magazines.

Model and TV host is of Filipino, German and Danish descent. She has grabbed the spotlight after joining this year’s Miss World Philippines, which will select the country’s official delegate to the Miss World 2014. Here is the complete list of the Miss World Philippines 2014 candidates:

  1. Lorraine Kendrickson
  2. Cyra Guilalas
  3. Alexa Kirby
  4. Priscilla Kimberley dela Cruz
  5. Gazini Christiana Ganados
  6. Kristine Angeli Estoque
  7. Rachel Louise Peters
  8. Rachelle Emmylou Carandang
  9. Ranielah Marie Oval
  10. Grace Ann Bautista
  11. Moriel Olea
  12. Christine Balaguer
  13. Kimberly Anne Sarreal
  14. Nicole Donesa
  15. Theresa Regli
  16. Ina Dominica Guerrero
  17. Kimberly Pajares
  18. Ruffa Nava
  19. Valerie Weigmann
  20. Nelda Ibe
  21. Jean Marie Feliciano
  22. Abegail Galisim
  23. Frances Ruth Constantino
  24. Carina Jennah Aguilar
  25. Eliza Johanna Cruz
  26. Jahziel Pernia

Roxanne Cabanero was also included in the list of candidates, but she left the competition after receiving downbeat feedback. The Miss World 2014 Philippines Pageant will be held on Oct. 12, 2014 at the Mall of Asia Arena.

And that’s it for the Miss World 2014 update.  For more details coming up about the pageant, stay tuned here at  Movie News Guide (MNG).

Check out the video below:

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/ Marktanoja78


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