The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Cured

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Cured
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It looks like someone is cured while someone continues on ripping while a pair is on their way out of Mystic Falls soon in “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 20 “Cured.” Read on.

Despite everything that’s going on, a bachelorette and a bachelor party still happened for Jo and Alaric. Elena and Bonnie organized the bachelorette party for Jo held at a diner. Stefan, Damon, and Matt took Alaric to the Salvatore’s where the place is packed with girls and lots of booze.

During Alaric’s party, Damon got a call from Stefan about their mother who turned Enzo in 1903. Damon still hasn’t told Stefan that he’s going to take the cure. Enzo, on the other hand, knows about Damon taking the cure, but he told him that he won’t change enough to be human again.

Meanwhile, at Jo’s party Bonnie told Elena to take the cure. Elena was doubtful at first because she thinks that she might miss out on the perks of being a vampire. Bonnie told her that she knows that that’s not really her concern. Her real concern is that she’s worried that when she turn human again, she won’t love Damon the way she does now. Elena got a call from Damon and asked her to meet him at the town square.

Damon showed Elena where their old house used to be and said that he wants to give up everything to live with her and gave her the cure. Elena took it and then she fainted. She started remembering a lot of stuff especially her memories with Damon. However, when she woke up she started remembering all the memories that were compelled away. Then, she got a needle to prick herself just to make sure that she’s human again – and she is.

Back at Alaric’s party, Matt was drunk and told Alaric to leave town because it’s not safe for humans anymore. He even tried to pick a fight with Tyler, but Tyler took the high road and left him.

In other news, Lily is still ripping throats and feeding on humans in public. Stefan tried to talk to her, but she wouldn’t listen and then she fed in a restaurant. Stefan had to compel everyone there to forget. Enzo walked in and helped and then told Stefan about Damon’s plan of taking it with Elena.

Lily went to the diner and almost attacked Bonnie because she destroyed the ascendant. Bonnie managed to block her but still Lily managed to stab her in the neck. She also almost went for Jo, but Jo said that she’s pregnant with twins and that stopped Lily in her tracks and left to find Elena. Lily found her all human again and she almost fed on her. Elena stabbed her in the eye and was able to run away. Lily returned to the restaurant where Stefan was and was about to stab him with a piece of wood, but Damon came right on time and gave Lily a dose of vervain.

After that, Damon went to the hospital to give Bonnie his blood. Alaric was there too and that’s when Jo told Alaric that they’re having twins. It was when Alaric decided that they are going out of town for safety.

Elena started to remember everything. She talked to Damon and told him that she can’t let him take the cure unless he really thinks about it. Meanwhile, Lily is locked up in the cellar at the Salvatore’s and Stefan took a watch and talked to his mother. He told her that she will always be his mother. One day she will see him as her son, but Lily is more determined to get her people back.

And right on cue we switched to Kai in 1901 who is currently making breakfast with Lily’s people and said that it’s time that they get out of there.

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