The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I’ll Remember

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I’ll Remember
3.18 “The Murder of One”

The Vampire Diaries” Season 6 Episode 1 “I’ll Remember” opened with a couple making out in a tent when they heard a noise outside. Just when we thought that there was another supernatural creature lurking in Mystic Falls, it was only Sheriff Forbes who told them to go home. Mystic Falls now has a magical border, which means that no supernatural creatures can penetrate the town and that means that Elena and the gang are out of the town and could not get in. However, when the couple were about to go home, we saw the girl all bloody, and something pounced on her boyfriend.

Elena was now a sophomore in college and has picked Medicine as her major. Tyler was now in college, while Caroline dropped out. Alaric wasalso one of their professors. Elena was doing very well in school, and it was as if she’s doing fine. It was surprising for the fans when we saw her talking to Damon. It turned out that she has been taking some witch herbs with the help of Luke to see Damon.

Then we have Jeremy who was trying to cope with the death of Bonnie by hooking up with different girls and drinking. As for Stefan, he was out there looking for a witch that can help him with the dead. Caroline went on a picnic with her mom, and they discussed how they are going to break the spell that keeps them away from Mystic Falls. She has been reading a lot of books, and Alaric has given her a few resources. However, she still has not find something that can break the spell.

Caroline was upset because Stefan did not even say goodbye to her. Now that he is gone, she does not even know where he is. Jeremy had been rejecting Elena’s calls, and Elena was getting worried, so she called Matt instead. Matt told her that he was handling everything that has to do with Jeremy.

Luke told Elena that she could not help her anymore, but Elena would not take no for an answer. We saw a fierce Elena right at this moment — all for her love for Damon. While Elena was driving, Damon was once again there. They were talking like nothing was wrong and everything was normal. Elena even told him that she plans on setting Alaric up with someone from the hospital.

Tyler had been in so much rage, and Alaric was getting worried that he might again trigger his werewolf gene. Stefan also hooked up with Ivy.

Elena pulled up when she saw a car on the side of the road. She was so thirsty she needed blood, and she found a girl. She snapped and bit her, but Caroline found her. Elena got distracted that the girl was able to run away back to Mystic Falls. They did not catch her, and they were not able to wipe her memory. The girl ran around Mystic Falls, clutching her neck soaked with her own blood and crying. She came across Sheriff Forbes, and Matt and told them that a girl bit her. Matt talked to her about this said that he has been in the same situation and she was going to be fine.

Elena finally admitted to Caroline that she has been using some herbs to see Damon, and the herbs make her very thirsty. She told her that she just could not let go of Damon, while Caroline said that there are different ways for her to move on from Damon.

Elena called Stefan, and Stefan told her that she should move on from Damon already because he was gone. She cried so hard, and with what happened with the girl and what everybody has been telling her, she talked to Damon one last time and told him how grateful she was that she was able to spend time with him. However, she needed to let go now, but she will always love him. Damon said his goodbye to Elena, but Elena was having such a hard time letting him go. This scene was so heartbreaking!

Caroline, on the other hand, called Stefan and even though he was not taking any of her call she left him messages. She told him that everything was falling apart, and she did not know if ever things will go back the same way again. In the last scene of this episode, we saw Damon and Bonnie sharing a good breakfast together.

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