The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Mother Dearest

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Mother Dearest
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In “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 15 “Mother Dearest,” we said goodbye to Sheriff Forbes while we welcome someone who’s been missed for quite some time now. read below for the full recap.

It’s Sheriff Forbes’ funeral. Damon prepares for his eulogy while Caroline gathers up everyone to delegate tasks to ensure that the funeral goes well. Typical Caroline. Everyone’s getting ready and Stefan chose that moment to ask Damon for advice on what he should do with Caroline because they haven’t talked after the kiss. Stefan even asked Elena for advice while she was out with Caroline.

Caroline confronts Stefan but Stefan said that he wants to talk about it after the funeral. Tyler walked in, drunk so Matt didn’t let him in.

The funeral went well. Damon managed to deliver his eulogy well and Caroline sang a song for her mom. That’s when it hit Stefan how in love he is with Caroline. Another wake was held at Mystic Grill and finally, Tyler is all sober. Matt told him that he’s applying to be a deputy and he should give it a try as well.

After the wake, Caroline went home to spend time alone. It was until she finds Elena there. She tries to talk her out of turning off her emotions. Caroline told her that it’s going to be different for her, unlike the way she was when she tried to do that. Still, Elena insists so Caroline broke her neck to prove a point that she’s really determined to have her emotions switched off. Stefan got to Caroline’s only to find Elena’s limp body and Caroline nowhere to be found.

Jo is sick and has been throwing up all day. Alaric was there to nurse him. To their surprise, Kai went to their place who’s also sick and coughing blood and needs Jo’s powers to survive. It turns out that he didn’t merge with Luke and now he’s dying and when Kai dies, the whole coven dies with him. So, they had no choice but to help him and Jo gave him some of her powers. However, it’s not enough to keep Kai alive. They also found out that their coven is responsible for all the prison worlds and when Kai dies those prison worlds will collapse. Jo was left with no choice but to give Kai all of her powers. Before Kai left, he whispered “congratulations” to Jo. It turns out that she’s pregnant and Alaric was over the moon with this news that he proposed to Jo right then and there. Jo turned her down at first. She thought Alaric was only doing that because he found out that she’s pregnant. Then Alaric took out a ring and told her that he’s been planning it all along.

Bonnie is still stuck in 1994 but she already got Silas’ headstone and she has her magic back. She was about to travel back but then something happened like an earthquake and it became night and it started snowing. The northern lights appeared above her. She got transported back to 1903 where she found herself in front of a house. She went inside to see Damon and Salvatore’s pictures then her whole surroundings changed back to 1994. It kept switching during the time that Jo was giving Kai her powers.

Bonnie then decided to leave but just when she was about to leave, a woman in Victorian clothing saw her and asked her who she is but she wasn’t able to reply anymore because she got transported back to present day Mystic Falls.

All throughout this episode, Damon had flashbacks of her mom’s funeral. By the end of the episode, Damon got home to find pancakes in the kitchen, which meant that Bonnie’s back. Bonnie mentioned the woman she saw before she left and showed Damon, Damon told her that it’s his mom.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Gage Skidmore

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