The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I Could Never Love Like That

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: I Could Never Love Like That
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It’s so hard to watch a TV show when you know one of the main characters especially the heart and soul of the show is leaving. In “The Vampire Diaries” we can’t help but think, how is Elena exiting the show? Episode 16 “I Could Never Love Like That” provided Elena with only a little role, which is confusing. Is it because they’re planning to just Elena “fade out?” Anyway, read below for my full recap of what went down this episode:

Stefan and Caroline are still on “no humanity” mode, turning into the meanest vampires. Caroline was having so much fun singing karaoke after killing a bartender for a bet she and Stefan made. Really mean, I’m telling you. So to save the, day Tyler and Matt tried to stop Caroline but she just wouldn’t let anyone stop her that she thought of a game for the two: “Who’s the better ex-boyfriend” quiz and this angered Tyler that he accidentally stabbed Matt. He rushed him to the hospital while Caroline rushed out so she won’t be caught up there that might switch her humanity back on.

Meanwhile, Damon and Elena were having so much fun talking about “light” stuff. Damon had to ask her, more like slip it in if she misses being human. After the pleasant morning these two lovebirds shared. Elena met up with Jo to catch up and Jo filled her right in: Kai is stuck in 1903 prison and Lily’s here and she’s pregnant. You can actually see the sadness and jealousy on Elena’s face as she tried to look happy for Jo.

Enzo took Sarah from the hospital. He brought her to the Salvatore’s when he saw Lily and he ran away along with Sarah. Sarah was confused as to why they were running away. It turns out Lily was the one who turned Enzo. This calls for a flashback where we saw 1903 Enzo dying of consumption in Southhampton. He tried to get on a ship leaving for New York. It was because heard that there was a doctor on board who could cure him. It was Lily who helped him get on board and took him to the doctor but it turns out that the doctor was a charlatan who can’t save him. Lily turned Enzo and killed everyone on the boat except for the pretentious doctor so Enzo can feed on him.

Back in the present day, Lily told Damon that all she wants is her people back. She told him the truth that she never came back for her children because she gained a new family and she decided never to look back. Damon promised to get her back to her family if she lied to Stefan and help him switch his humanity back on and Lily agrees.

They went to the grill and found Stefan there. The plan worked and good Stefan is back and now he’s on his way to search for Caroline to try to bring her humanity back.

At the hospital, Matt doesn’t want to take Elena’s blood and even told them about hating vampires and how he can’t rely on them. Jo then later on explained why giving Lily the Ascendant is a terrible idea. It turns out that Lily’s “people” are called the Heretics. They were cast out of the Gemini coven because they are all like Kai, which means that they are witch-vampire hybrids!

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