The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Rippers

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Rippers
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Remember when Stefan switched off his humanity? Yes, he is called the Ripper when he does that and it looks like it runs in the blood. In “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 16 “Rippers” we found out where Stefan got it and oh, Caroline has just turned from sweet princess to raging violent vampire.  Read on.

Caroline was having a drink. She’s getting herself drunk at Scull Bar after turning off her emotions and just her luck she ran into Liam who immediately hits on her. This was such an easy target for Caroline. They started to make out but then just before things get below the belt (in a sexual way) Caroline chose to feed on him instead.

After having her neck broken by one of her best friends, Elena was out looking for Caroline. When she got to their dorm, she found out that all of Caroline’s stuff are missing already. It only meant that she’s left. Bonnie walked in and they toasted to her return.

Surprisingly, Caroline walked into the dorm room with new clothes and sheets and she told them about Liam. Also, she made a deal with them that they should leave her alone and never try to bring her humanity back for a year and in return, she will not kill anyone and a be a good vampire. And, of course, she also said, knowing her friends that if they do try to get her humanity back. It was before the one year’s up, she’s going to be their worst nightmare. Also, for the record, she informed them that she didn’t kill Liam not because she felt guilty. It was because she just wouldn’t do that in public because that would be so stupid.

Stefan went to Liam to ask him what happened, but Liam doesn’t remember anything. He also got news that Caroline was throwing a party at Whitmore house and inviting all the cute boys there. Elena, Bonnie, and Stefan showed up. they were surprised to see the ever-sweet and controlled Caroline with new hair style and just sexy.

When Stefan and Elena met at the party, he told her about Liam. Elena told him about the deal that Caroline made with them earlier. However, Stefan felt guilty and felt responsible for hurting Caroline that she wanted to switch her humanity back on so he convinced Elena to help her. Stefan went to Caroline. He told her his real feelings towards her, but Caroline got pissed instead. It was because she knew what he was up to so she took Liam somewhere and met up with Enzo. She managed to get Enzo’s phone and text Sarah and managed to lure her in.

Later on, she informed Stefan that she’s going to kill Sarah and has compelled Liam to perform surgery on Sarah. Stefan and Caroline fought. Caroline stabbed Stefan and instructed Liam to remove Sarah’s heart. Stefan then decided to turn off his humanity and reminded Elena to bring him back. Unfortunately, when Elena got to them it was too late. The ripper is back again.

Meanwhile, Enzo met up with Sarah and told her that he’s a vampire. He was shocked that Sara wasn’t surprised at all.

Damon dug his mom’s coffin because he didn’t believe at first that it was his mom Bonnie saw. Kai was with him the whole time because Kai was persuading Damon to let him talk to Bonnie to apologize for all that he’s done. However, Bonnie doesn’t want to hear it. Kai told Damon about his mom’s story. It turns out that his mom, Lily was captured in 1903. He doesn’t want to reveal all the details until he let him talk to Bonnie.

So Damon, eager to know his mom’s story brought Kai to Bonnie. Kai tried to apologize to Bonnie, but she just walked away. Damon tried to talk to Bonnie, but Bonnie still doesn’t want to. Kai showed up later at the Salvatore’s and revealed that there are two prison worlds: his and Lily’s. Damon demands that his mom be brought back to modern-day Mystic Falls. Damon said he can’t because his mom is a ripper. It turns out that Lily became a vampire in 1858. She faked her death and went to Europe and killed thousands of people. It was the duty of the Gemini coven to stop her.

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