The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Stay

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Stay
Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder at 2012 Comic-Con International.

The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 14 “Stay” was another emotional rollercoaster that gave so much feels. Read below for the full recap.

Since there is no way to save Sheriff Forbes, Caroline and Stefan head on over to Caroline’s family cabin. They need to prepare it for Sheriff Forbes where she can spend the rest of her days there. Caroline was hesitant at first. It was because of Stefan being there. Stefan told her that he’s not going anywhere and there’s nowhere else he’d rather be.

Then Stefan told her that one of the worst things she’s heard was when Caroline told him that she hates him. Then, Caroline told him that she never hated him and then they kissed, which gave us the feels.

Sheriff Forbes was getting ready and was fixing all her pending cases including the death of Elena’s parents. She believes that there’s a missing link. Damon was there to help her . Sheriff asked him why he was in town the night Elena’s parents died. Damon swore that it wasn’t his fault. He was there to visit the grave of his mom then he also pointed out that there was something weird about how Elena’s parents died. They died from a car crash. But,  there were no skid marks on the road and their trunk was filled with luggage that suggests that they are leaving town. Also, the bridge that they took was a longer way.

Damon asked Elena to come over to ask her what she remembers that night. She doesn’t remember much so they asked Jeremy. Jeremy said that he was high that time and his mom caught him that night and called Sheriff Forbes to scare Jeremy.

They finally figured it out. There was a storm the day before, which explains the luggage in the trunk because they planned to stay in the cabin while the storm passes and there were no skid marks because the road was still slick. Sheriff Forbes concluded that the mystery is now solved and left her badge on her desk and left.

Sheriff Forbes was content that she’s going to have an ordinary death. Sshe got worse that Damon had to take her to the hospital and that’s when she died. Caroline was a bit late but she still got to spend the last moment with her mom. It was because Stefan taught her how to put herself into her mom’s memories.

Meanwhile, Jeremy was throwing his going-away party until Enzo informed him that Sarah’s on her way there. She showed up at the bar. Then, Damon showed up as well to give Jeremy his graduation cap and some weed. Elena took the weed and smoked it with her brother. Jeremy told her to go to Sheriff Forbes and Alaric will take her to the airport. Elena was hesitant at first but decided to go to Sheriff Forbes. Alaric took Jeremy to the airport and not at the bus stop. It turns out that Jeremy plans to hunt vampires in a small town and Alaric was on his plan.

Enzo was, of cours,  there to twist things around by getting Matt to bring Sarah to a tunnel off the highaway. Once there, Enzo ran Matt over with his car and then let him drink his blood in front of Sarah who was so freaked out. Before Sarah realized what’s going on, Enzo ran away leaving them both in the dark tunnel.

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