The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Yellow Ledbetter

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Yellow Ledbetter
3.18 “The Murder of One”

In the latest episode of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 2 “Yellow Ledbetter,” Elena was ready to let go of Damon in the most painful way, while Damon and Bonnie were stuck a few years back. Read on for the full recap.

The episode opened with Damon and Bonnie four months ago before they went to the other side. They walked down the road and saw no one, but everything’s the same. Then the scene changed where Matt found Sarah dressing up, and Jeremy lying on the couch. Matt got mad because Jeremy kept Sarah there and even had sex with her, but Matt tried to defend himself by saying that Sarah was already compelled.

Meanwhile, Stefan woke up with Ivy preparing breakfast. He was surprised that she was still there. Elena was packing Damon’s stuff because she’s ready to let him go by talking to Alaric, compelling her to forget all of her memories about Damon, specifically the good ones. She let Matt and Jeremy know what she’s up to and made them promise to keep it from her when she finally forgets about Damon.

Alaric and Caroline were talking, and Caroline was mad because she found out that Stefan wasn’t really looking for Bonnie and Damon. It turned out that the person who’s actually trying to get to Damon and Bonnie by talking to a witch who gave him a lead about a coven in Oregon that can communicate with people on the other side. She explained that it’s the Gemini coven, but it’s hard to infiltrate because they don’t welcome outsiders.

Elena and Alaric started with Alaric questioning Elena who Damon is, and Elena answered him that Damon is his boyfriend. They recalled a lot of memories about Damon, and they got to a point where Elena can’t take the memories and was unsure whether she wants to proceed or not. Then Alaric told her to recall the memory where she knew that she loved him. Elena then did what she was told, and they got to the point that Elena told everything about her love for Damon. That’s when Alaric knew that it was the right time to wipe her memories away. He asked Elena is she really wanted to do it, and she said yes. Alaric compelled her and tried asking her again who Damon is, and Elena answered that he is Stefan’s brother, and he’s a monster because he killed Jeremy.

Caroline and Enzo showed up at Stefan’s house, and they took Stefan and Ivy out where things got a bit tensed. Damon and Bonnie found out that there were living in May 10, 1994, and they were living the same day over and over again. Bonnie told him that they were there because of a reason, and Damon was having a hard time figuring out why.

Enzo stabbed Stefan in the hand, and Ivy saw the whole thing, but Caroline was able to compel her. Caroline then got a call from Elena, telling her to meet her up and party with her. Enzo was mad at Stefan because he was already letting go of his brother. The episode ended with Bonnie and Damon doing a crossword puzzle when they found an answer there and realized that there’s someone else there.

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