The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Because

By April Lara | 3 years ago
The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Recap: Because
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Finally, we got the real Caroline Forbes back and Elena has finally discovered that the cure is in Damon’s possession. Read below for the full recap of “The Vampire Diaries” Season 6, Episode 19 “Because.” Read on for more details.

The episode kicked off with Stefan and Caroline’s arrival at a B&B. They put Stefan plan in motion to finally flip the switch of Caroline’s humanity. Well, his plan is to convince Caroline that his humanity is still off. The, he tortures her until she breaks then drain all of her blood to make her weak and then start to tell her about everything that she cares about. Sounds like a good plan, right? However, we all know that Caroline is a tough nut to crack.

Damon and Elena knew about Stefan’s plan and they wanted to help. When they arrived at the B&B and saw both of them making out (because that seems like a much better option for Caroline instead of Stefan taking her to a trip down memory lane) shot them both with vervain.

After 3 days, Stefan and Caroline were still in the same B&B room while Alaric and Jo, as well as Elena, take turns to watch over them. Damon, on the other hand, went to Bonnie for a favor. He wanted to retrieve the Ascendant, which he gave to Lily. As usual, Bonnie had to yell at him before doing him a favor.

Back at the B&B, Elena gave Caroline Liz’s letter that she sent to their house. It was before she died and for Caroline to read after she passed. Instead, Caroline burned the letter while bawling her eyes out.

In other news, Matt was on “Lily watch” at the Grill and then Enzo came in to talk to her. Lily then revealed that she never abandoned him. It was because the night that he turned was the night that she was captured by the Gemini coven.

Damon returns to the B&B and he and Elena had a talk while Caroline listens in. Elena talked about how she sees herself in 5 years if she’s human: she’d be living in a loft in Tribeca, and Damon will work at the bar below the loft, which he owns and she will be a surgeon and she and Damon have two kids together. (Okay, this is one exit strategy for Elena and I think I know where this is heading.)

After the talk, they headed to see Caroline and carry on with the plan. Damon showed her police reports of the people she has killed, but Caroline didn’t go down without a fight. She used what she heard against them and even hit a nerve when she told Damon that Elena will always be settling. Elena walked away and Damon ran after her and she told him that she’s not settling.

Then they got a call from Lily. She is so furious because the Ascendant was stolen and threatened Damon that she would destroy the cure if he doesn’t give her the Ascendant back.

And then Caroline realized that Stefan’s humanity is back on so she broke his neck but then she saw her mom stopping her. It was because Stefan has finally got to her head and after a few scenes like that we got our Caroline Forbes back.

At the Salvatore’s, Elena discovered that the cure is in the house when she found Lily about to burn the cure. However, Lily didn’t actually burn the cure but instead gave it to Elena and told her that Damon was never going to offer it to her. With that, Lily left and became her ripper self once again and encountered Enzo. It looks like these two will be a team. Now that Elena knows the truth she confronted Damon. Damon said he’s been selfish and they came to a decision that both of them will take the cure.

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