‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: ‘Day One Of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Take’

By April Lara | 2 years ago
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 7 Premiere Recap: ‘Day One Of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give Or Take’
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And we’re back in Mystic Falls! “The Vampire Diaries” Season 7, Episode 1 “Day One of Twenty-Two Thousand, Give or Take” lets us in on what our favorite characters are doing plus the new ones, the Heretics.

The episode kicked off in Brooklyn, New York with Stefan Salvatore in a storage unit with two coffins in it. In one of the coffins lies Damon Salvatore. And then the diaries is back, for the sake of Elena Gilbert who requested that they keep a diary for her to read when she comes back, or when Bonnie dies.

Caroline was the one who was doing the diary first, telling her about Damon who is still grieving her and Alaric who’s also grieving Jo. They are in Europe with Bonnie while Matt is about to become a deputy.

On the other side of Mystic Falls, one woman was complaining about the modernisation of everything and then suddenly, she got hit by a car driven by two teenagers and who just left her to die. Then suddenly she pops up and then we learned that she’s Valerie, one of the heretics. She told us about how Lily is planning to help them live better lives but she’s currently hating it. And then Valerie together with her other heretics looked for the teens who hit her and of course, they ate them and Nora even took a selfie with the dead.

When Matt and Stefan came to the crime scene, they knew right away that the murder is caused by the heretics, so they immediately called up their friends in Europe. Alaric hasn’t been drinking at all in Europe, what he was doing behind Damon’s back was to meet up with psychics about a glowing ball that Lily is also after. Oh and he also has Jo’s body on ice, so I’m guessing he’s thinking of bringing her back to life.

Lily is looking for that ball, so she put Enzo on tracking duties but when she didn’t tell him what the ball is for, he declined Lily’s request. Stefan has been working on a bomb that he plans to detonate in Lily’s house while Caroline investigates on the heretics. Since Lily is in NYC, Stefan thinks this is the best time to detonate the bomb and it detonated successfully. However, the heretics were unscathed and they avenged during Matt’s police graduation ceremony by causing havoc until Lily returns and told the heretics to stop.

Caroline and Stefan made a negotiation with Lily and her heretics. And Caroline and Stefan compelled everyone in Mystic Falls to leave town. Damon was devastated that his house was taken over by the heretics so he went to Bonnie’s dorm instead to crash. It turns out that Bonnie is mad at her for letting her almost get hit by a truck. Damon confessed that he thought of Elena that time and how he longs for her but at the same time, he wouldn’t risk losing his best friend.

After that touching moment between the two best friends, they decided to team up and kill Malcolm. Just when she was close to killing him, Malcolm starts taking the magic from her but Damon was faster and ripped out Malcolm’s heart. Lily was furious and she plans to avenge the death of Malcolm. She sends Enzo to kidnap Caroline. And then fast forward again to three years and we saw Damon being woken up by Stefan in NYC, and Damon screamed at him to not bother him until Elena is awake.. and then a woman in the shadows started shooting arrows at them.

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