‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale To Feature One Major Character’s Death, Says Julie Plec

By Alka Vishnoi | 2 years ago
‘The Vampire Diaries’ Series Finale To Feature One Major Character’s Death, Says Julie Plec
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The Vampire Diaries finale will feature the demise of one of the major characters. Since showrunner Julie Plec wants the series to end on a high note this is one of the options which is likely to put an immense amount of impact on the fans of this highly-adored series. Moreover, this will also leave the viewers with misty eyes as they say goodbye to Mystic Falls.

The series creator is not only directing this episode, she is also co-writing it along with co-creator Kevin Williamson. So whose funeral will the fans of the series get to witness when The Vampire Diaries comes to an end? Here are some options revealing more insights over the same.

The first and most probable choice comes up to be Bonnie (Kat Graham). As Nina Dobrev had made an exit in Season 6 of The Vampire Diaries, her name will not be included. And then to fill up the gap Elena’s life got tied to Bonnie. But this was done in such way that till the time, the latter remained alive and former would continue to remain in deep sleep.

With Kai (Chris Wood) coming back from hell, will he take Bonnie’s life? Viewers already know that Elena is still alive. And she may be present at the funeral in the finale episode. Henceforth, this comes up as the best way to indicate over her finally being awake.

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Moreover as Bonnie has lost Enzo (Michael Malarkey), the former might be eager to give up on the fight as well.

The second choice is none other than Stefan. As Stefan becomes a lowly human from being a vampire earlier, will he take the step further to risk his life for Elena and Damon to come together. In one way, this could also act as repentance for the innumerable misdeeds he has done in the past.

The third best choice is Damon. It could be possible that the series plans to keep Bonnie alive while at the same time Elena also wakes up. And for this Damon can give his life. Meanwhile, this does not really stand as a very strong option.

In addition to the following options, E!News goes ahead to provides another one being Matt. In all the eight seasons of The Vampire Diaries, Matt Donovan (Zach Roerig) continues to remain as human. He does go down once but even after resurrection he comes up as human. Will he give up one more time to keep the town away from Devil?

What do you think will finally happen in the finale? Do share your comments below.

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