Van Helsing Season 2 Gives You More Reasons To Follow Vanessa

By Janine | 1 year ago
Van Helsing Season 2 Gives You More Reasons To Follow Vanessa
Van Helsing Season 2 Gives You More Reasons To Follow Vanessa

Van Helsing Season 2 gets renewed for another run! Syfy, a network mostly associated with B-movie shows, green lights the second season. Although the first season of Van Helsing is only on its fifth episode, on October 14, it is renewing for 13 more episodes.

In Van Helsing Season 2, Vanessa, the daughter of the famous Abraham Van Helsing, wakes up to a post-apocalyptic world. Her mission? To rid the world of vampires that plague it. But there are those that wonder why the show is prepping for a second season. Reports indicate that the viewership per episode is slowly dwindling. From 1.24 million in viewership in the commercial-free premiere episode to only 0.61 million in the fifth episode.

Maybe because in Season 1 Vanessa wakes up without knowledge of her previous life and abilities. She does not even know that she is a descendant of the great Van Helsing. And maybe because Season 2 is going to focus on her discovering her past in order to fix a future full of Vampires.

What can viewers expect in Van Helsing Season 2? Neil LaBute, who is the series’ showrunner, tells Deadline that they have a “terrifying road” for Vanessa. Plus, that includes her allies and her enemies. LaBute is even confident that the story can go on for many years. Which is why Syfy trusts them with the renewal.

If Season 1 follows Vanessa trying to figure things and fight her way through vampires, Season 2 is going to be different. It could just be the season where Vanessa realizes her full potential and calls on more allies. The allies that are loyal to her father and to the cause. Will she also try and find out if she has any family left?

Vanessa is going to fully realize her calling. With that said, she is going to get stronger with a bigger determination more than ever.

Neil LaBute promises Van Helsing Season 2 to be bigger. Now, Vanessa has a huge battle ahead of her in season 1. In the meantime, watch out for more Van Helsing as it airs every Friday on Syfy.

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