Vanderpump Rules Cast Speaks up About the Jax Taylor Arrest

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Vanderpump Rules Cast Speaks up About the Jax Taylor Arrest
Vanderpump Rules

‘Vanderpump Rules’ cast talked to Perez Hilton about Jax Taylor stealing a pair of sunglasses in Hawaii last month. Read on.

The cast members of the reality series were in Los Angeles for a fun event. They spoke to Perez Hilton about the strange case of one of the casts stealing a pair of sunglasses in Honolulu. In a strange turn of events, Jax Taylor was arrested last month for stealing a pair from a store in Honolulu. On July 31, 2015, the well-known celebrity news blogger Perez did an interview with the cast to get their side of the story.

Lisa Vanderpump said that Taylor has absolutely been “disciplined” for his misdemeanor.

“We’re dealing with it. I am happy to say I see some type of remorse [from Jax]. People make mistakes and he definitely made a big one.”

Vanderpump has previously taken the stand that Taylor’s Hawaiian arrest had been a mistake. Taylor’s boss at the SUR Lodge had also claimed that the whole thing was a misunderstanding. He had even gone on to claim that Taylor was “innocent,” despite the video surveillance of the store seemingly proving otherwise.

Scheana Marie Shay had a hearty laugh when she heard of the whole affair. She found the whole idea of one of the cast stealing sunglasses ridiculously funny.

“I laughed, because it was so stupid. Everyone was like, you’re such an idiot!’ If it was anything else he got in trouble for, we would’ve all been pretty sympathetic, but because it was straight stupidity, we’re like, ‘C’mon man! What were you thinking?’” Shay said.

The rest of the cast felt disappointed in Taylor. They felt bad that now they’ve been labelled a people who steal things. Tom Sandoval said, “Obviously, we’re grouped together — we’re the Vanderpump Rules cast. When we go places, people will group us together and now think ‘those guys steal things.’ So that pissed me off. At this point, we’re in our fourth season, he should’ve really just known better. You can’t do stupid things like that. People are watching.”

‘Vanderpump Rules’ is going to air soon on Bravo. The Inquisitr made an exclusive report on the event.

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