‘Vanderpump’ Rules Cast Update: Stassi Schroeder Is an Anal Girl

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Vanderpump’ Rules Cast Update: Stassi Schroeder Is an Anal Girl

Vanderpump Rules” star Stassi Schroeder admitted she is a certified “anal” girl. Read on to know why.

In her latest “Style by Stassi” blog, Schroeder revealed that she is “super anal and uptight” when it comes to her travel clothes. She just spent the weekend with her boyfriend’s family in the Midwest. For five days, she was enjoying her stay in Michigan and Chicago.

After the getaway, Schroeder realized that she is “in love with the Midwest” and thought that she is the “new midwest ride or die girl.” Despite being a city girl, she loved the “laid back attitude” of people in the Midwest, including the humble local spots and bars. She felt as if she experienced “real life.”

Talking about fashion, Schroeder explained that she prefers her travel wardrobe to be the “perfect balance of comfort and chicness.” She may be jealous of people who can pull off wearing sweaters and uggs but admitted that she could never wear those. She got used to the “polished look” with “a dash of trendiness.”

Considering her fashion preferences in travelling, she introduced her favorite travel outfit. It includes personalized headphones, gold shades, white trench coat, flat snakeskin mules and skinny jeans.

The most interesting part of Schroeder’s favorite travel outfit was the personalized headphones. She explained that V-MODA headphones can have their shields switched to a variety of colors and engravings. Her white headphones had gold shields engraved with her blog’s logo.

There is no confirmation yet whether “Vanderpump Rules” will be renewed for Season 4. Schroeder is rumored to have quit the show beforehand.

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Photo Source: Twitter/Stassi Schroeder


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