Vanderpump Rules Cast Update: Stassi Schroeder’s Move after Peter Madrigal Dissed Her [WATCH VIDEO]

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Vanderpump Rules Cast Update: Stassi Schroeder’s Move after Peter Madrigal Dissed Her [WATCH VIDEO]
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Days after TMZ’s trending rant video clip from “Vanderpump Rules” star Peter Madrigal, Stassi Schroeder wrote on her fashion blog an entry about snakes. Read on for details.

Schroeder claimed on her latest blog in Style by Stassi that she has always loved “a good snake accent” in every outfit. She gave examples like snake print and jewelry. She explained that she felt “overwhelming snake vibes.” It was while watching her photos after the snake-themed shoot. She pointed out that snakes were a “consistent theme” in her wardrobe.

“They make me feel like a modern-day Cleopatra, what can I say?” Schroeder stated.

The former SURver said that her “enthusiasm for snakes” was greater than her shoes last photo shoot. Not a word specifically counterattacked Madrigal after dissing her for the whole world to see.

TMZ reporters successfully made Madrigal rant about Schroeder on the spot last May 14, 2015. Madrigal assured that Schroeder is not coming back because the fashionista carelessly dissed her own ex-boss, Lisa Vanderpump, and the rest of “Vanderpump Rules” cast. He claimed that Schroeder called Vanderpump an “old” woman.

As Madrigal continued his rant, he gave a lot of profanities against Schroeder. He emphasized that he was really upset because Vanderpump told him personally about Schroeder’s insults. He continued to describe Schroeder having a “big head.”

With so much anger, Madrigal pumped his chest to show that he was really hit hard when Schroeder called Vanderpump old. He exclaimed that he loves Vanderpump so much. He talked about Schroeder’s attack again and called her “fucking disrespectful.”

The cameraman suddenly asked him about “Vanderpump Rules” Season 4. Madrigal assured that it would still have high ratings because of the remaining “good cast.” He claimed that Schroeder did not care about the ratings they had last season. He believed Schroeder was good to go.

To end his rant, Madrigal confirmed that Vanderpump is still upset with Schroeder. He also had no plans in talking to Schroeder. He claimed that Schroeder is never coming back because she already burned the bridge. Despite the nonstop rant, he wished Schroeder good luck in her career.

Bravo has no official announcement yet about “Vanderpump Rules” Season 4 premiere.

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Watch Madrigal’s rant video below:

Photo Source: Facebook/Vanderpump Rules


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