‘Vanderpump Rules’ Newlywed Scheana Marie Talks About Being a Bridezilla

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Vanderpump Rules’ Newlywed Scheana Marie Talks About Being a Bridezilla

As expected, Scheana Marie and Michael Shay’s wedding had some drama. After all, it is a reality show wedding. The “Vanderpump Rules” lover of crop-tops shared her innermost thoughts on her Bravo blog regarding her bridezilla moments. Read on to know what she has written.

Before diving into the negative, Scheana described her wedding as the “best day” ever. She was ecstatic to marry her lover and best friend. She admitted regretting her bridezilla attitude. Despite saying that her wedding was the bomb, she could not help but notice a “few hiccups.”

Another regret of Scheana is asking Kristen Doute to get her wedding gift for Shay in her apartment. However, she is still thankful for her “lifesaver” because she had no choice anyway. Her present to Shay was one of the most important things for that day.

Scheana wrote that Doute prearranged her makeup for the wedding. She explained that Doute is friends with a makeup artist, so she told the makeup artist to work on her after the bridesmaids are done. Scheana approved of it because she did not want to upset her BFF bridesmaid Ariana Madix before the wedding. However, Doute appeared earlier than expected with Shay’s gift while Madix was still in the room. Scheana said she did her best, but she was too relaxed to make a fuss about Madix and Doute staying in the same room.

The first bridezilla moment of Scheana was about her wedding planner, Danielle. At first, Danielle performed well weeks before the wedding. However, on the day itself, she forgot to make Shay walk down the aisle with his parents and give the right cue to the wedding singer, Tina. Even the ring bearers were not able to present themselves on the aisle. Water for the thirsty and sweating guests was not distributed.

As seen on the 15th episode “For Better or Worse,” Scheana was still fixing her gown when Tina started to sing the song. She was far from the aisle that time. She made it clear that in the lyrics “take my hand,” her father would give her to Shay, and she would take her fiance’s hand. She waited until Tina sings it again. She said that good thing Tina has a beautiful voice which made her calm. And as a plus, all of her negative notions left her mind while she was looking at Shay near the altar.

“The words I have dreamed of hearing my entire life…’You may now kiss your bride,'” Scheana wrote.

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