Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Recap: Stassi Hates Jax More than Ever

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Recap: Stassi Hates Jax More than Ever
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Seems to be Jax is a never-ending dilemma for some people in the new episode of “Vanderpump Rules” Season 3 Episode 7 “New Girl, Old Grudges,” which aired last Dec. 15, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. In this episode, Stassi cannot get over Schwartz’s mistake, Jax flirts with the new girl, Kristen cries in front of her ex and Schwartz is pressured being friends with Jax.

The conversation continues at Stassi’s apartment. However, Stassi, Kristina and Katie are interrupted by Schwartz who enters the room. He has a bouquet of flowers in his hands. Stassi reminds him he made out with someone. Schwartz tells her he does not visit them to talk about it. He just wants to drop the flowers for Katie. Kristina rhetorically asks who cheats on an amazing person like Katie. “I do,” Schwartz jokes.  Stassi finds it offensive. She stresses Schwartz must not use his charm to get out of the problem. Schwartz says he is exhausted. Stassi does not care if he is tired while Schwartz does not care about what she thinks. Stassi tells Schwartz to go out.

Stassi cannot believe Schwartz’s attitude lately. She thinks Jax must get out of Schwartz’s life. She tells Katie that she must let Schwartz feel that he is losing her.

At Sur Restaurant, Lisa arrives for a meeting with Peter about the gay pride parade. Peter says Natalie plans to get go-go dancers. Lisa says there was a parade float for the past years, but this year, with Pump’s opening, it is too much. She thinks having a party at Pump is enough.

Dani’s friend, Vail, arrives and asks Jax if she can see Dani. She says she is an interviewee. Jax welcomes her to come back for a drink after the interview. When Dani escorted her to Lisa, Jax tells the other bartender he has a feeling that he will sleep with her.

Dani introduces Vail to Lisa, telling her Vail is a sweetheart. Lisa thinks she is being bias. She learns Vail graduated from Princeton and wants to work with her because she is a struggling actress that needs to pay the bills. She gives Vail a chance. However, she discourages her to date someone within the company. After Vail’s interview, Lisa tells Peter she likes her because she is perfect.

Katie and Schwartz have a dinner date at Beso Restaurant. Schwartz is determined to be a better boyfriend. Katie tells him she can forgive and get past it. However, she still hates Jax and asks Schwartz why he cannot separate from him. She prefers Schwartz not seeing Jax anymore. Schwartz think Stassi influences Katie and denies Jax influences him.

While waiting for the event to start, Vail hangs out with some employees. She thinks all of them are good-looking. Jax tells her he wants to drink vodka while Vail just wants water. Dani warns them to stop flirting because she knows Jax has a girlfriend. Jax says he cannot help it because Vail is a pretty girl, and he is only human.

During the party, Stassi arrives to have a drink. She directly tells Schwartz who is bartending that she does not like him. Schwartz apologizes, but Stassi cannot accept it. Stassi reminds him he is still friends with Jax. She walks away and greets Lisa. She tells her she plans on visiting Katie, but she does not want to see some people. Lisa says she can have a civil relationship with them. Stassi jokes Lisa must have brunch with Brandi. “Touché, my dear!” Lisa laughs.

Stassi finally sees Katie and hugs her. She also greets other friends. She feels like she is in a homecoming. She is still familiar with the bar and confident that she can avoid Jax.

Jax asks permission to Peter if he can see Schwartz for a while. When Jax arrived on Schwartz’s station, he receives drinks. Schwartz finds it hard to get mad at Jax because it is like kicking out a puppy that pees on the rug. However, he tells Jax his life has been a living hell because of him. Jax is tired of being blamed at. He still thinks it is Schwartz’s fault, and he just made the couple deal with the truth. He changes the topic by talking about Vail. Schwartz tells him his “leash” becomes too short because of him. He thinks it is impossible to check out another girl.

Kristen keeps on interrupting Ariana while working. She tells her Tom can still cheat on her like what he did in the past. Ariana thinks Kristen is pulling her relationship with Tom down. Kristen says she will go to Tom’s house and assures she will not try to sleep with him. After she walks out, Ariana makes a silly face.

While Vail and Kristina are talking, Stassi greets them. She knew Vail from a party and thought she was fabulous. She stops being amazed with Vail because she finds out Vail is just a hostess at Sur. Scheana suddenly joins them. While talking about the low tip Vail will receive, “I’m surprised you’re here so often with all the bullsh*t,” Stassi says. Scheana is pissed off that Stassi underestimates Sur’s employees. She tells Stassi why she keeps showing up and trashing the place. Stassi says she needs to see her friends from time to time, even though she wants to stay away from some people. Vail laughs it off after Scheana walks away graciously.

Kristen is dressing up at James’ apartment. James is confused why she cares so much about Ariana. She says she is annoyed how Ariana pretends to be a cool girlfriend. James asks her how many times must she go back to Tom’s apartment to get her belongings. She answers it probably will be her last. James thinks it is weird that Kristin needs to go back just because of her mail. He admits he is slowly getting exhausted about it. However, he compliments her on how sexy she looks in her small green dress with a very low neckline.

Schwartz is called by Tom to stay in his apartment for a while because he does not want to be alone with Kristen. Kristen arrives casually and goes directly to the stack of mail. Tom tells her she is not living there for six months, so he must not receive mail for her anymore. Kristen thinks Tom is being a baby by calling Schwartz to be his “bodyguard.” Tom tells her to stop insulting Ariana because he knows what she said to her lately. Kristen suddenly calls Tom “babe” and says she just slipped. Schwartz laughs in the corner. Kristen starts to cry, telling Tom that his relationship with Ariana was built on dishonesty so they will not last long. She admits she cannot be happy for Tom and Ariana. “Leave me alone!” Tom exclaims. Kristen just wants them to admit that they were sleeping together before she broke up with Tom. After Kristen leaves, Tom tells Schwartz she is sure Kristen tried to seduce him.

Tom tightly hugs Ariana as soon as she arrives. While gathering around the table, Schwartz shares that Stassi is also acting like Jax. He says he feels sorry for Katie from Kristen’s exaggerating rumors.

While Lisa and Vail are talking, Lisa tells her she does not like people breaking the rules. Vail admits she had substance abuse but assures her she is already fine. She just needs to stay away from the wrong people. Lisa suggests she must stay away from Jax.

Kristina, Stassi and Katie are decorating a gold cake for Peter. Katie tells them she is okay with Schwartz and lets him hang out with Jax. She accepted Schwartz’s apology and she cannot tell him who he must be friends with. Stassi thinks it is unacceptable. She tells Katie she is making excuses. Katie says she has to let it go. She does not want to see her relationship deteriorate because of Jax. “That sucks,” Stassi mumbles.

Katie and Stassi arrive at Schwartz’s apartment. Katie shares their fun day at Cakemix. She asks Schwartz if he is going to the birthday party. He answers he will go with Tom, Jax and other friends. Stassi suddenly attacks him about Jax. Schwartz tells her not being friends with Jax will not solve anything. He thinks it is about Katie and him, not Jax. He tells Stassi she has to let it go. “He [Jax] should be exiled,” Stassi says.

Is Schwartz never going to change his mind about Jax? Catch the next episode on Dec. 22, 2014.

There you have it for the recap on “Vanderpump Rules” Season 3 Episode 7, which aired last Dec. 15, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

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