Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Recap: The Biggest Cheater of All

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
Vanderpump Rules Season 3 Recap: The Biggest Cheater of All
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One of the guys cheats on his girlfriend in the new episode of “Vanderpump Rules” Season 3 Episode 9 “What Happens in San Diego,” which aired last Dec. 29, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. In this episode, Scheana crosses off two names for her upcoming wedding, Tiffany sponsors Jax’s San Diego weekend trip with his friends, Stassi feels betrayed by her best friend and a guy forgets his morals for one night.

The episode kicks off with Stassi’s birthday party. It is a wine-tasting party because Stassi just wants to “chill.” Jeremy opens up about Scheana’s wedding. Stassi tells everybody that when Jen showed her the invitation, she thought it had the “cheesiest” and “tackiest” design. While Stassi continues to make fun of Scheana’s wedding invitation, Vail slowly gets uncomfortable because maybe they would also talk about her behind her back. Katie, on the other hand, shares that Schwartz was invited, not her.

The next day, Scheana goes to Villa Rosa to get the platters for the Same Sky event. She meets Lisa in the kitchen. Lisa offers her a cup of tea and tells her bluntly that she was hoping she would say no. Then she asks her if who will be working tomorrow. Scheana answers that Ariana and Katie will be present. Lisa reminds her that Rwanda will display their jewelry during the event and hopes that they will sell something. She explains that Same Sky is an organization that supports women in Africa. She was asked to host the event and gladly accepted it because it is for a good cause.

Then Lisa asks Scheana if when is her wedding. Scheana says it will be next month. Lisa emphasizes that she will not help plan the wedding, but she will definitely be present in the big day. Scheana tells her that she will only borrow the bar. Lisa is okay with it. She reminds Scheana to not let the girls ruin her wedding. Scheana says it will not be a problem because she did not invite Stassi and Katie. Lisa is surprised, especially with Schwartz being invited without his girlfriend. She just cannot comprehend the logic and criticizes Scheana’s decision.

“Do you think Ken will go to a wedding if I was not invited?” Lisa asks Scheana.

Scheana tells Lisa that her sample situation is not relevant. She says that she will invite Katie to the bachelorette party in Miami. If it will go smoothly, she will invite her to the wedding. Lisa is still appalled because if she is in Katie’s situation, she will break up with Schwartz if he will go to the wedding without her. Scheana can still remember that she was excited last year about Stassi and Katie going to her wedding. However, things changed. But she hopes the two girls will also “change back.”

While Lisa gives Scheana the platters for the event, she asks her if what she would feel if she was in Katie’s shoes. She says that Scheana will have a happy life with her man, so she should be generous and give Katie a chance.

Outside Katie and Schwartz’s apartment, Jax, Peter and Tom are putting stuff in the car to have an out-of-town boys’ weekend organized by Jax’s girlfriend, Tiffany. Schwartz and Katie go downstairs to meet the boys in the front yard. The guys are proud they rented a car. Schwartz throws his bag in front his friends and insists he does not want to drive. Jax tells him that he does not have a choice. Finally, Schwartz kisses Katie and their dog goodbye.

“Be good,” Katie tells him.

Katie expects Jax to try drowning his friends with drinks to make bad decisions. She still does not like her boyfriend hanging out with him in San Diego. However, she does not want to be a “controlling bitch” to Schwartz.

In the car, Jax talks with Tiffany on the phone to tell her that they are on their way to San Diego. The boys thank her for facilitating their weekend trip. However, Tom feels uncomfortable about Jax and Tiffany breaking up two days ago and going back together again with Tiffany sponsoring her boyfriend’s San Diego trip.

“I can’t keep up,” Tom says.

When Tiffany reminded Jax to be in his best behavior, he promises to make her proud. After putting down the phone, Schwartz jokes that he can imagine a “montage” of Jax making out with four girls at the same time. Everybody laughs. Suddenly, Jax shares about her coffee date with Vail. Tom asks him if he told Tiffany. Jax says it did not go well. Tiffany thought he had no reason to have coffee with Vail. Then he tells the guys that Tiffany knew it from Vail’s tweet. His friends disagree with him because he was the one who posted about it on Twitter. Jax ends the conversation by saying that it was not a big deal.

Meanwhile, before the event, Scheana arrives with the platters. Francine, a representative from Same Sky, tells her to pick a jewelry she likes. Scheana chooses the black and white necklace. Francine proudly says that the price of the necklace can pay school fees for one year.

While Scheana tells Ariana to choose her jewelry, Katie arrives. After explaining to Katie about necessary things to do during the event, Scheana finally invites her to come to the bachelorette party and bridal shower. She tells her that maybe it will be the perfect time for them to go back together as friends. Katie happily agrees. She wants to be with Schwartz in Miami anyway.

During the Same Sky event, Francine commends Lisa for the girls. She is very satisfied with the event. After Francine shows the jewelry to Lisa, Lisa assures that she will buy the most expensive ones. The event is a definitely a successful one.

In San Diego, during a poolside party under the guys’ suite at Hard Rock Hotel, Jax invites a girl to hang out with them. Tom honestly tells the girl that Jax’s girlfriend sponsored their San Diego weekend. He thinks he is ready to intervene because of the great effort Tiffany made. After the boys danced, they suddenly find out that Jax is gone.

At 12:30 p.m. the next day, Jax has a terrible hangover. He thinks Tiffany must know about his wasted night. He tells his friends he does not remember anything. He says he woke up with no pants on. Suddenly, Tom enters the room. Jax can see that he is angry. Tom tells him that he is annoyed about everything that happened last night. He is mad about Jax bringing girls in their suite. Jax insists he does not remember doing that. Tom thinks Jax did the most disrespectful thing to Tiffany. He knows that Jax had sex with a girl in the bathroom last night. After Jax left to pack their things, Tom tells Peter and Schwartz that he will not lie if ever Tiffany asks him.

The boys finally arrive from San Diego. While Schwartz is catching up with Katie, he is uneasy about Katie not telling Stassi that she will attend Scheana’s wedding. He jokes that Katie betrayed “the queen.” However, Katie disagrees because she believes Stassi will understand. When Katie asked about the guys’ weekend, Schwartz is being vague. He tells Katie to ask Tom who will visit them.

Tom enters the door with a weary face. Katie asks if what happened with Jax in San Diego. Before hesitating, Tom tells her that Jax slept with another girl. He adds that the girl is not even hot. He feels it is time to stop defending Jax. Katie is horrified. Tom attacks Schwartz for acting so clueless and naïve. Schwartz defends himself that it is not his nature to intervene.

Lisa arrives in Scheana’s bridal shower. She is happily surprised to see Katie. She is proud that Scheana followed her advice. During the party, Katie is having so much fun. She likes that things are going smooth. While taking a break from the party, Scheana tells Pandora, Katie and Ariana that she will invite Stassi to hang out with her tomorrow.

The girl’s conversation shifted to the San Diego thing. Ariana directly tells them that Jax had sex with another girl. Scheana is in great disbelief. Ariana thinks it is disgusting. Pandora is relieved her husband just keeps on watching football games. While the four women continue on their conversation, Kristen tells Carmen that she does not like Katie attending the party. She thinks Katie will just backstab Scheana to Stassi.

Suddenly, Scheana interrupts them. She talks to them about Jax’s latest issue. She thinks it is funny that she tells Kristen and Carmen about it because they also banged Jax in the past. She says maybe Tom or Schwartz was spreading the news. However, Kristen is excited to see Jax having his revenge on Tom because she believes Tom also slept with another girl in San Diego.

Meanwhile, Jax, Tom and Schwartz are hanging out in a restaurant. Recalling the weekend in San Diego, Jax keeps on playing innocent about everything that happened. He says the girl was the one harassing him. He explains in detail every sexual thing the girl did to him. Schwartz finds it weird because he thought Jax did not remember anything. Then Jax tells them that he was in the bathroom with the girl because she was puking. Schwartz jokes that the girl must be pretty excited about throwing up because she kept on saying “yeah baby.” Tom tells Jax he was sweating when he went out of the bathroom. He insists he did not hear any vomiting.  

Jax says he already told Tiffany, and it was okay with her. He is sure Tiffany is also banging another guy in Vegas anyway. Both Tom and Schwartz think Jax is saying contradicting statements. Tom tells Jax directly that he will not lie when Tiffany asks him. Jax just ignores him. After saying goodbye to Jax, Tom and Schwartz conclude that Jax was lying.

In the car, Jax unconsciously proves he lied to his friends. He calls Tiffany and tells her about the San Diego incident. He tells her a girl was making a move on him, and he threw the girl out of the suite because he was disgusted. Tiffany says she is really angry and upset that she hangs up.

Meanwhile, Stassi and Scheana meet up to talk about their differences. Scheana says she is hurt when Stassi just made fun of her wedding invitation in the past and told the girls to wear big fake diamond rings to outshine Scheana in her engagement party. Stassi defends herself that Scheana’s invitation was not formal. She finally gets speechless when Scheana tells her that Katie is coming to her bachelorette party. Stassi feels betrayed because Katie wants to be in a party with Jax and Kristen. Scheana tells her she was going to invite her, but she changed her mind. Stassi feels insulted that Scheana invites her to a party with her enemies. She says Scheana’s friendship with Kristen and Jax is a “joke” to her.

The two women start to argue until Stassi says their meeting is a waste of time. She tells Scheana that she chooses her friends wisely.  However, Scheana tells her she does not have any friends. She thinks Stassi loses friends every day and will eventually be alone. Finally, they settle that they are not meant to be friends.

There you have it for the recap on “Vanderpump Rules” Season 3 Episode 9 “What Happens in San Diego,” which aired last Dec. 29, 2014 at 9:00 p.m. on Bravo. Catch the next episode on Jan. 5, 2015. For more updates about this show, including spoilers and recaps, follow Movie News Guide (MNG).

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Bravo Canada

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