Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Cast Update: Three Resident ‘Mean Girls’ Invade Twitter After Latest Episode

By Kathleen Villaruben | 2 years ago
Vanderpump Rules Season 5 Cast Update: Three Resident ‘Mean Girls’ Invade Twitter After Latest Episode
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The newest episode of Vanderpump Rules was overflowing with drama that fans on Twitter were surely entertained from some cast members’ tweets. Because of the controversial dialogues and scenes, three girls from the cast started to receive a reputation similar to the characters of the iconic movie Mean Girls. Find out who they are!

Stassi Schroeder, Katie Maloney and Kristen Doute received so much hate on how things turned out in the latest episode of Vanderpump Rules. They were busy updating their thoughts on Twitter which attracted haters in the comments section.

The drama started when Scheana Marie Shay befriended the cast’s ultimate enemy Lala Kent. Most girls were definitely not happy, especially the three “mean girls.”

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Mean Girl # 1: Stassi Schroeder

Schroeder showed regret in a tweet saying that she should not have agreed to talk to other people while drunk, Reality Tea reported. In the episode, she was in full-on sloppy beast mode. However, she seemed to take it back when her next tweet said that she should have acted fake so the producers would not edit her badly on TV.

Later on, Schroeder made a public apology. She claimed to be crying for more than an hour already. She then apologized for how she acted in the episode. The blonde diva made it all worse when she tweeted that she got suicidal despite her brave mask because of haters. Lastly, she begged them to stop.

Mean Girl # 2: Katie Maloney

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Meanwhile, Maloney owned everything and even stood up for herself. She claimed that she knew deep, dark secrets that would ultimately prove her right. Then, she stated that she could not reveal the secrets because some innocent people might get affected.

Mean Girl # 3: Kristen Doute

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Like Maloney, Doute also remained true to herself. She defended that it is just a TV show. She also called out trolls to stop labeling them as bullies.

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