‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Talk about Co-Stars, Relationships and Marriage

By Kathleen Villaruben | 3 years ago
‘Vanderpump Rules’ Stars Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz Talk about Co-Stars, Relationships and Marriage
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The good-looking couple, SURvers and stars of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules,” Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz, are having fun confiding their innermost thoughts on Andy Cohen’s “What What Happens Live” on Feb. 2, 2015. Read on for further details.

Cohen asked Schwartz about his best friend, Jax Taylor. It was after throwing him under the bus about the Vegas cheating rumors. Schwartz admitted that Taylor did not help him with his problem at all. He was thinking that Taylor might have done it “on purpose” to make him break up with Katie but chose not to blame him.

Schwartz talked about Kristen Doute being fired. He said he was already expecting it. Cohen described Doute’s termination as “crazy.” It was also because the employees at SUR were excited about it. He could not get over watching SUR cooks high-fiving after knowing Doute has been fired.

Maloney was open-minded about Schwartz cheating on her. She said she genuinely believed him. Schwartz still denied having sex with a Vegas girl. He insisted that it was just making out. He said he was drunk and was very sorry. Cohen also blindsided him that for being drunk he cannot remember anything, which Schwartz admitted that he gave a good point.

Maloney was asked about her friendship with Stassi Schroeder. She said with finality that they are not friends anymore. Schwartz reminded her that she was “rigid” and “frigid” about other people’s criticisms on their friendship.

Cohen playfully asked Maloney if she would rather have sex with Ken Vanderpump or Taylor. Maloney answered Vanderpump. Cohen asked Schwartz what annoys him about Maloney. Schwartz said he hated that Maloney chews loudly.

A phone call from a fan asked the couple about marriage. Schwartz said he is sure about Maloney, but they still have to wait for the perfect timing.

Maloney was asked if ever she is going to be friends with Doute again. She said she thought back in Miami that they could be friends again. However, Doute’s crazy behavior lately made her doubt it.

For the poll question, viewers were asked if they believe Schwartz. A great 76 percent said no.

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Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons/Bravo Canada


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