Vanessa Hudgens Attends Hillsong to Have Relationship with Jesus Christ; ‘High School Musical’ Star Asks Prayers for Dad

By Martin Suan | 2 years ago
Vanessa Hudgens Attends Hillsong to Have Relationship with Jesus Christ; ‘High School Musical’ Star Asks Prayers for Dad
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“High School Musical” series actress Vanessa Hudgens asked her fans prayers for her father who was suffering from an unknown sickness over a week ago via social networking sites. Is Hudgens’ Christian faith being revived? Read on for more details.

Vanessa Hudgens posted a photo of herself together with her father Gregory Hudgens holding a white hairy dog at their house.

“Please pray for her healing!!! The more prayers the better,” Hudgens said in the photo posted at Instagram.

As of this writing, the picture already received 360,000 likes and 2,484 comments, with fans saying that they will pray for her father, while others said their “Amens.”

“In Jesus’ name,” one fan said.

Their photo was also posted in Twitter, garnering 1,603 retweets and 6,062 favorties. Many were asking what’s wrong with his father; however, Hudgens did not disclose the state of her dad’s health.

Vanessa Hudgens’ Faith in Jesus Christ Reviving By the Day

It seemed Hudgens faith in Jesus was going through a revival by the day. It could be recalled that the 26-year-old actress shared to a media publication that she and boyfriend Austin Butler were attending services at Hillsong Church, a Pentecostal mega church.

Although born as a Catholic, Hudgens shared that she still felt far from Jesus. And going to Hillsong Church, together with Butler, reportedly helped restore her Christian faith.

Speaking about her experience in a Hillsong Church worship gathering, Hudgens said that it felt like Arcade Fire, somewhat epic. She also noticed the way Hillsong conducted the service, helping them become more connected to Jesus.

“They [Hillsong Church] really focus on you having your own personal relationship with Jesus, which is wonderful,” Hudgens told The New York Times.

However, she did confess of being a definite hippie at the same time, saying that she is happy dancing naked on a field of grass while tuning in to Led Zeppelin.

Currently, both Hudgens and Butler are seen enjoying their vacation at Africa, posting pictures of animals and places that they went to.

Here’s to hoping that Vanessa Hudgens’ father receive his miracle from Jesus Christ, the God whom Hudgens is now trying to have a personal relationship with.

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Photo source: Facebook/Vanessa Hudgens

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