‘The Vatican Tapes’ Scares Critics And Fans: Review

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
‘The Vatican Tapes’ Scares Critics And Fans: Review
Vatican Tapes

“The Vatican Tapes” mixes religion and horror to come up with a catholic faith stained motif about demonic possession and exorcism with all the attendant gore and macabre that is staple to the horror genre.

The new movie, “The Vatican Tapes” is “silly, screechy, and eminently watchable.” The most gripping scenes of exorcism are almost entirely shot with an unnerving red filter over the camera that unsettles the viewers and sets the mood for the entire piece, according to The Variety. While the film fails to work out a thematic background that would stay on the moviegoers’ minds after they step out of the theater, it does try to work out the Vatican angle carefully and laboriously to remind people of the intricate beliefs inherent to the practice of the Catholic Faith.

As it is expected of the religio-horror genre, the film feeds the viewers apocryphal nonsense about the apocalypse and the end-times intermittently all through the movie and even succeeds in creating a real sense of dread in the viewers by the time the climax with its gory scenes of exorcism comes up on the screen.

The story is about one Angela Holmes who gets possessed by the devil himself. A priest from the Vatican joins forces with the local priest and her family to exorcise her. Olivia Taylor Dudley plays Angela Holmes and the priests are played by Michael Pena and Peter Andersson.

The story is straightforward and plain to follow. In fact, the entire tale makes you wonder what made it worthy to be chosen to be featured on the Black List. The screenplay by Christopher Borrelli and Michael C. Martin is traditional and somewhat predictable, what with the audience already cued into the fact that the movie is obviously going to be about an exorcism. Still, the director, and the writers, have worked hard to raise the horror quotient up several notches and the film works on some levels.

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