Vergara Admits to being Nervous during Sex Scene

By admin | 6 years ago

Golden Globe Award nominee and Colombian born actress Sofia Vergara is most likely recognized by television audiences for her role in Modern Family. The beautiful Vergara plays Gloria in the hit comedy series, but took on a vastly different role than her television character when she co-starred in the latest film by John Turturro named Fading Gigolo.

In the film, which co-starred Sharon Stone, Vergara had to appear in a sex scene that was a threesome and included Stone. Prior to the scene, Vergara was nervous, but said that Stone gave her advice and was quite helpful in making her feel more comfortable. Stone, says Vergara, gave her hints as to how to perform in such a difficult scene.

Stone has the reputation of being somewhat of a diva, but the Colombian born Vergara was full of praise for Stone. Vergara said the veteran actress was amazing and she learned a great deal from the movie icon. She also added that she did not know Stone prior to the film, but as soon as they met, she could tell Stone was nothing but a professional and a true star.

Vergara has recently become a mom on her hit television show and said that being around babies on the set has been quite an experience. She described her relationships with the babies as a love hate relationship.

Over 22 years ago, Vergara appeared in a soft drink ad in her native Colombia and is now appearing in one for Pepsi. She said when she was just 17 and appeared in the ad in Colombia she wore just a bikini and her wardrobe was simple, but in today’s ads, everything has to be nipped and tucked and takes so long before shooting the ad.

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