Veterans Share Secret On How To Make Your Cosplay Extraordinary

By Shreya Singh | 2 years ago
Veterans Share Secret On How To Make Your Cosplay Extraordinary
Cosmic Cosplay

It is always very exciting to bring your favorite characters to life, playing them yourself at the Cosmic Cosplay. But how some do it with ease and some just go on practicing to make it perfect. Now, if we are not that perfect in doing it and making it more real and extraordinary? Here’s what veterans do to stand out of queue , read further to disclose the secret.

Cosplays have been in practice since a decade from now  but now it’s much more different than merely playing your favorite characters. In the recent NYCC, a glimpse of this change was seen easily. Cosplays are more creative and interactive now more  attraction grabbing than before.

Dhareza Maramis, a cosplay veteran, said to Mashable that for a lot of people their drives are different, for me  it’s bringing the characters to life. He based a Batman cosplay off the “Dawn of Justice”  teaser, with only 4.7 seconds of footage off which to base his efforts.

Another such veteran, Chuu has been participating in cosplays since the time she is there in high school. She says, “I was excited when i saw that people dress up in their favorite characters. Now it’s a part of my blood.”

Referred as negativity and stigma in the virtual world, Chuu said that if there are people calling it negative then there are many  whom you will find giving positive feedback.

Ultimately, no matter what they say you should feel the joy of portraying your favorite character in your own style.

Now you know the secret, then what are you waiting for? Just pick the best dress, have that competition and go on. Not for your friend, not for your family, but feel the power from within you, which can beat any evil that comes up your way. Good luck for the next year cosmic cosplay.

Photosource: Twitter/NY_Comic_Con

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