Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers’ Split : Vicki Gets to Keep Her House

By Meghna Subhedhar | 2 years ago
Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers’ Split : Vicki Gets to Keep Her House

“Real Housewives of the Orange County” (RHOTOC) star Vicki Gunvalson may have premeditated on problems resulting from a split when she made a prenup contract with Brooks Ayers when they first got together. She is now reaping the reward of showing wisdom and forethought while dealing with her wealth now that the couple is splitting for good. Read on for more details.

Radar Online reports that the reality TV star showed brilliant forethought when she made her soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend sign a contract with her when he decided to move in with her. The contract basically protects Gunvalson’s asset that is her house and lays down the rule that the rent paid by Ayers does not count as equity towards the house. This would mean that Ayers cannot lay claim to the house as his property even if he has paid the rent for it.

Gunvalson made Brooks sign the renter’s agreement when he moved in. It just goes to show that showing forethought while signing the pre-nuptials can ensure that you don’t lose your wealth in a divorce or separation. Many young stars fail to realize the significance of a prenup and lose the significant amount of money due to divorces and such.

Gunvalson and Ayers had announced their split via a joint statement on Aug. 16th this year. They had called it an amicable split. After the split Ayers has reportedly moved back to Mississippi, his old home state.

The house in question is a royally luxurious Mediterranean type of construction that is built at the picturesque location overlooking the sea at Dana Point in the beautiful state of California. It is rumored that Gunvalson had painstakingly redesigned the house after she had broken up with her last husband Donn. She is clearly very attached to the house in question and was very careful not to sign it away in case something went wrong in her relationship with Ayers.

Vicki has already started exploring dating post split, Wetpaint reports.

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