Vicky Gunvalson And Tamra Judge Get Candid; Tamra Feels Custody Battle Was Horrible

By Pala Sen | 2 years ago
Vicky Gunvalson And Tamra Judge Get Candid; Tamra Feels Custody Battle Was Horrible
Tamra Judge

If someone had been expecting blood during the reunion of “Real Housewives of Orange County” on Monday night, they have to keep watching the show to be aired next week.

The “RHOC” reunion on Monday found the ladies resting on their couches as they discussed their tales of evolving and mending friendships.

And when they were not being nostalgic, they each had their fair share of emotional outbursts, as they could be seen in tears. However, no one had taken Brooks Ayers’ name during the show.

At the very beginning, there was a reflection by Vicki Gunvalson as she discussed about the unexpected demise of her mom. And even though her raw and spontaneous reactions were captured by the live cameras, she candidly said to Andy Cohen that she has no regrets.

But Vicki also admitted that it has been a real struggle for her to recover from the death of her mom. Vicky said that it has become worse for her and said that she and her family are having a tough time and the void seems to be even greater now.

Vicky said that though as stupid as it may sound,  but she never imagined that her mother would leave her forever.

Gunvalson also confessed that it was her conviction that her mother suffered a brain aneurysm or a massive heart attack that caused her sudden death.  However she did not want to continue thinking about the morbid details.

When Heather Dubrow and Tamra Judge urged her, Vicky narrated the story of her late mother’s recent arrest at the old age of 80.

When the cops arrived at the site, Vicky said that her mother departed into a restroom meant for ladies and told the cops that she was not there while standing on the toilet.

Tamra, who had embraced Christianity and had a personal transformation discussed about her strained relationships with her offsprings after she had a complicated divorce from her former husband, Simon Barney. Tamra Judge said that she went through terrible times while fighting for the custody battle.


Photo Source: Facebook/Tamra Judge

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