Victoria Christmas Special: ITV Regretted Saying No but Confirmed to Have One for 2017

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Victoria Christmas Special: ITV Regretted Saying No but Confirmed to Have One for 2017

Victoria Season 1 has proven a big hit among the UK viewers. Many were surprised on how the Jenna Coleman and Tom Hughes chemistry worked out. Even ITV did not expect the show’s success and actually turned down a proposed Christmas Special for the series.

Historical drama television series Victoria launched on ITV last August and unexpectedly earned a number of viewers. The premiere date, according to records, garnered a solid eight million viewers.

The figures slightly decreased when BBC’s Poldark launched its Season 2 in September. However, ITV’s Victoria remained in the lead with 7.8 million viewers in consolidated results.

Writer Daisy Goodwin revealed to Hello Magazine how surprised the network bosses were on how the viewers received the show. As a matter of fact, Goodwin revealed that ITV bosses said no to a Victoria Christmas Special.

Goodwin told the site “We did offer them one for this year but they went, ‘Umm…’ I don’t think they knew how big the show was going to become.” The writer furthered, “I wish we had one this year. I bet they are wishing they had one now but we will have one for next year.”

But viewers need not worry as ITV greenlit Victoria for a Season 2. According to the writer, the second chapter will revolve around the young queen struggling as a leader and a mother.

Season 1 had the fans worrying about Prince Albert’s life. Historically, the young leader died in 1861, the time period that the series may cover. Goodwin, however, assured fans that the character is still safe “for now.”

In addition to a Season 2, viewers may enjoy a Christmas Special of the series in 2017. The announcement came after the series was renewed for Season 2.

Victoria Season 2 will return sometime in 2017. Stay tuned for more news and updates for your favorite tv series.

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