‘Victoria’- A New Way of Making Cinema; Sebastian Schipper Makes The Movie In One Shot!

By Meghna Subhedhar | 3 years ago
‘Victoria’- A New Way of Making Cinema; Sebastian Schipper Makes The Movie In One Shot!

Actor turned director, Sebastian Schipper, had a vision for a movie. He asked himself what a movie is, and came to the conclusion that movies always pretend that they are real, when they are clearly not. So he decided to make a movie that at least feels partially real. He decided to make a twelve page script into a 138 minute single shot movie, “Victoria,” where the actors are just given a sketchy outline of the plot and they have to come up with their own dialogue.Read on to know more about his movie plans.

His effort “Victoria” has already won him accolades in the Berlin International Film Festival, where it won awards in six categories, including the coveted Silver Bear. The film was all set to take on the Oscars but was rejected on the grounds that most of its dialogue is in English.

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Sebastian Schipper, who has already worked in ground-breaking films like “The English Patient” and “Run Lola Run,” was looking to make a movie that captured the lifestyle of the youth today. He envisioned his film as the sort of movie that would make the people in the near future understand what it was like to be young and alive in the twenty first century.

The film is one sensuous romp through Berlin’s best known locales, including grungy night clubs and posh hotel lobbies, which the director insists is reminiscent of the punk rock scene from decades ago. He felt that the movie has the feel of the music made by a young Thom Yorke Fan, who drops out of school just to write rock songs in the garage.

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The entire movie was shot thrice and the best of the three efforts was put up for audiences to mull over. The actors were given the instruction to make up their own dialogue. The movie follows the story of a young Spanish girl who has recently moved to Berlin and decided to have a wild night out with four men she meets outside a night club. They then breeze through Berlin sailing through a wild storm of events that include a romance and a bank heist.

The movie captures the spirit of the youth. The Rolling Stone calls it “an accidental portrait of those magical, fragile, youthful years before adult responsibilities take hold.” If you love punk rock, you would love the movie.

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