Victoria Season 2: More Children in the Future; Lord Melbourne to Exit?

By IvyV | 1 year ago
Victoria Season 2: More Children in the Future; Lord Melbourne to Exit?

Victoria is renewed for Season 2 after dominating the Sunday time slot against Poldark. Is Rufus Sewell’s Lord Melbourne not returning in the second installment?

The first season of Victoria unraveled how the young queen survived the challenges of being crowned unprepared. Furthermore, the queen battled it out with picking who will stay beside her as her partner.

The hit ITV series concluded on a happy note for the couple Victoria and Prince Albert. The series paced quite quickly as the series steadily progressed with Prince Albert assessing his place in his new kingdom.

The series also showed how the queen carried the load of worries of her pregnancy. Of course during their time, pregnancy is one of the leading causes of death among women. Her mother constantly reminded her of that, citing her aunt as an example.

The finale of the show witnessed the queen safely giving birth to the couple’s first child. But the finale did not end well for Francatelli and Miss Skerrett.

Francatelli proposed to Miss Skerrett, asking her to elope and build a new business with him. The dresser was in doubt and decided not to go. Later on, she discovered a letter from Francatelli indicating that he will continue with his plans of establishing the new business.

Meanwhile, fans are clamoring for Lord Melbourne’s return in Season 2. Season 1 saw how the Prime Minister thrilled the young queen.

According to Radio Times, actress Jenna Coleman may go along with fans’ wishes to continue with Rufus Sewell’s Lord Melbourne as a love interest. It may not be historically factual, but the actress is game with making the viewers happy.

There are no official confirmations yet if actor Rufus Sewell is out of the show or not, but he has not been seen in the last final episodes of Season 1. The website reported that Sewell was busy with filming the Amazon Prime drama The Man in the High Castle.

The actress dished out that Season 1 of the periodical drama covered only the first three years of the queen’s life. Coleman teases on the couple’s future having more children, if the marriage works out between the two.

Stay tuned for more updates and news on Victoria Season 2.

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