Victoria’s Secret Apologizes for Headdress

By admin | 6 years ago

Victoria’s Secret had to apologize after using a headdress that was designed in Native American-style in their annual fashion show. The outfit drew a great deal of criticism, as it was described as a display of ignorance towards tribal history and culture.

The company has responded to the many complaints that came in over the weekend by giving an apology and announcing it would not include the headdress in the television broadcast that is scheduled for December or in any of its marketing material.

Historically a headdress has been used as a symbol of respect that Native American warriors and war chiefs wore. For tribes in the Great Plains each of the feathers placed on it had significance and were earned through acts of bravery or compassion. Some Native American leaders of today have been given war bonnets during ceremonies that were accompanied by songs and prayer.

Karlie Kloss a model for Victoria’s Secret walked down the runway last week with the floor length headdress, high heels and leopard print underwear. She also wore turquoise jewelry during the segment that was meant to represent the different months of the year – April rainwear, July fireworks and November headdress.

Kloss posted on her Twitter that she felt deeply sorry if anyone was offended by what she had wore at the Victoria’s Secret show. Some people nevertheless praised what she had worn as artistic. They urged those who were offended to forget about it and move on. Others expressed their appreciation to the company for halting the marketing of the headdress.

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