Victoria’s Secret Makes A Scene With Model’s Airbrush Fail, Netizens Ganged Up On Lingerie Company’s Messed-Up Facebook Post

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago

Victoria’s Secret is taking some serious flak for a late September image posted on their social media site. The uproar though wasn’t a case of indecency but an editing job gone truly wrong.

An ardent Photoshop disciple touched up as more than needed an ad for an undie, reported MailOnline. At first glance the picture will immediately give one a view of the hour-glass figure of a model, facing a wall as she has her upper extremities adjacent to it, wearing only nothing but transparent black stockings and lacy green panties.

The image was with an aptly-titled header, “Truly. Madly. Cheeky,” but some close scrutiny to the sensual shoot would immediately lead one to the predicament that the female’s left side of the buttocks had been airbrushed promoting a disproportion of her behind. Another noticeable botched post-production job was the clear reduction of her biceps which resulted with a peculiar silhouette.

Netizens had a quite an enjoyable time on the Victoria’s Secret Facebook page as they flooded the re-touching-job-gone-wrong image with concerns about the aptitude of the editor to airing out criticism on the company’s heavy-use of airbrush on its models.

Facebook user Lauren Bersaglio posted:

Horrible horrible photoshopping. Completely unnecessary, Victoria’s Secret. Wishing you would learn from Aerie. Yes another reason I (along with MANY others) will never shop from you guys…Times are changing; it’s time you guys caught up.  #NotBuyingIt

Lara Lofdahl was all puns as she went for: “I don’t think you can call it “cheeky” if she only has 1 cheek.”

To which Rachel Anderson had a quick rejoinder: “Truly. Madly. Deformed.”

This is not the first time that Victoria’s Secret has been on the hit list for editing faux pas, Refinery 29 mentioned that the biggest vendor of woman’s lingerie had a long history of correction slip-ups with South African bikini model Candace Swanepoel, which involved editing manipulations of her breasts, shoulder region and cleavage.

Photo Source: Facebook/Victoria’s Secret

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