[Video] Official Trailer for ‘Couples Therapy’ – Farrah Abraham Drops F-Bomb At Counseling Session

By admin | 4 years ago

The official trailer for the newest season of VH1’s “Couples Therapy” has been released. In this first video trailer of the show, the Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham drops the F-bomb while she talks with Dr. Jenn about her deep-rooted relationship issues, even though she’s currently single.

“I really need to figure out what the f**k I’m doing to myself,” Farrah told Dr. Jenn in the super enticing teaser clip. Watch the trailer below:

Farrah will be back on TV soon, and she’ll attempt to not only better herself but also for her 4-year-old daughter Sophia.

She dishes on her now-infamous sex tape, Backdoor Teen Mom, with James Deen – however, nothing seems to cross boundaries during the show’s one-on-one therapy sessions. Defending her tape, Farrah says: “It’s just me having sex.” So, it’s not a big deal for her.

And when Farrah asked fellow cast mate Taylor Armstrong (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) about her divorce, she bitterly replied: “I filed for divorce and then found him hanging.”

Couples Therapy Season 4 will air on VH1 on Jan. 2 at 9 p.m EST.

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