‘Vikings’ Season 4: In-house Strife in Kattegatt As Ragnar Lothbrok Is Captivated Once More By A New Mysterious Woman

By Lex Lopez | 2 years ago
‘Vikings’ Season 4: In-house Strife in Kattegatt As Ragnar Lothbrok Is Captivated Once More By A New Mysterious Woman

An in-house discord will fell Kattegat in Season 4 of “Vikings”. The sons of Ragnar Lothbrok will come to blows with each other as it is implied that their father will step down from the throne in the premiere episode next year.

In a report from Master Herald, Bjorn Ironside (Alexander Ludwig) the first son and legal heir to be the next King of Denmark will clash with his half-brother, Ivar the Boneless, as the latter is displeased with the recent turn of events.

Lothbrok’s giving up of his claim though is not of his own doing as the famed invader is once caught of the chagrin of his subordinates.

Bjorn’s apprehension of his new title will also come into play, as the young Viking is still trying to earn the trust of his people while he is still being enveloped by sadness of the recent passing of his wife.

It has also been mentioned that a foreign beauty will put the King of Denmark portrayed by Travis Fimmel in a frenzied spell although it wasn’t pointed out if this was the cause for his unseating.

Newcomer Dianne Doan, (The Descendants) who will portray the exotic oriental gave details on Crave, as she heated up the set in Dublin.

“There was a sense of pressure since the Vikings have never met someone like Yidu, someone from a different culture and who brings different views into Kattegat,” the British Columbian native clarified her role.

Doan also added that it was vital for her to really delved into the historical background of her character’s origins inorder to project an intense performance in the series.

“Vikings” is created by Michael Hirst and is based on the adventures of the well-known Norse conqueror, the Viking Ragnar Lothbrok. The said historical tv saga was renewed for a fourth season on 26 March 2015 by the History Channel.

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