‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar’s Fascination With Death And His Return To Paris, Queen Aslaug To Take Over His Throne?

By Subhro Prakash Ghosh | 2 years ago
‘Vikings’ Season 4 Spoilers: Ragnar’s Fascination With Death And His Return To Paris, Queen Aslaug To Take Over His Throne?
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Although the Comic-Con International 2015 in San Diego is over, but still some notable hints are emerging regarding “Vikings” season 4. Read below to know more in details.

One of the most important speculations that are based on those hints is Bjorn’s possibility to lead as Vikings leader after his father, Ragnar’s demise. According to Christian Today, his close encounter with death in the earlier season has “intrigued him death and afterlife.” It was a sort of comparison with the experience of Odin (the God of war and warriors) who hung himself to observe how the feeling was to be dead.

However, Venture Capital Post believes that Ragnar is a direct descendent of Odin. It seems like he could recover in season 4 after encountering direct death experience in the season 3 finale. Travis Fimmel, who has played the character of Ragnar, said at Comic-Con that his character perhaps would find a love interest. The series would possibly introduce “a very talented actress” so that the relationship is portrayed very unique.

According to series creator Michael Hirst, “Vikings” is a show about Vikings in general not directly centering Ragnar. He is the reason why his children and the saga of his clan would be highlighted. Bjorn, who is the first-born heir of Ragnar, will get greater prominence in the show.

Fans of “Vikings” season 4 would be excited to know that the show is going to create a lot of action-packed battle sequences. Fimmel also revealed the returning of Vikings to Paris in the upcoming season. The story will start off as the city which was successfully raided by them in the previous season, including some more new locations (which he did not reveal) the fans are yet to see.

Fimmel also cleared that when Ragnar would return to Paris, his wife Queen Aslaug would “take over” his throne at Kattegat in Denmark in his absence.

“Vikings” season 4 is set to premiere in spring 2016.

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