Vikings Season 5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks About His New Role

By Diane Samson | 1 year ago
Vikings Season 5: Jonathan Rhys Meyers Talks About His New Role
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Jonathan Rhys Meyers will reunite with award-winning television screenwriter Michael Hirst in Vikings Season 5. The actor who has been introduced as Bishop Heahmund, a fighting priest, and will play a huge role in the lives of Ivar the Boneless (Alex Hogh Andersen) and her brothers moving forward. In time for his new movie’s release, the former The Tudors star talked about why he decided to go back in history and what his new character can offer in the critically-acclaimed period drama.

The Fighting Bishop

Now that the epic of Ragnar Lothbrok (Travis Fimmel) is over, Vikings is switching the spotlight toward the next generation of fighters, his children. Over the long mid-season break, the men grew to become worthy successors of their father’s legacy.

However, new heroes also mean new villains to face. The finale episode of the fourth season saw the arrival of the warrior bishops headed by Heahmund, the character portrayed by Meyers. In a phone interview with Collider, the 39-year-old talked about his role in the on-going retelling of the untold story of the Vikings.

“He’s got a particular reason for being there,” he said about Bishop Heahmund. ” It’s not a stunt. He’s not a gratuitous cast member, there just to keep you entertained. There’s a reason he’s there, and it’s a very particular reason.”

Hirst was very excited about the arrival of the warrior bishops on the show. The screenwriter previously teased that the new characters will be worthy challengers to the Vikings, especially to Ivar.

However, Meyers’ Heahmund did not just join the series in order to become the arch enemy of Ragnar’s last born. The actor teased that the warrior bishops also have stories to tell on their own that will play an important part in the retelling of history moving forward.

“If he doesn’t perform the duties that he’s meant to perform, the story won’t move the way that it’s meant to move, and historically it won’t get to where it needs to go,” he teased.

Historical Accuracy

Meyers also added that, of course, Hirst has something planned for his character in Vikings Season 5. While the drama is based on history, the actor explained that the program is made for television and, therefore, is going to feature some twists and turns that might not be accurate to text books.

“He’s not going to throw in gratuitous stunt characters to make things more interesting,” he said about Hirst, “but he has to twist and manipulate history a little bit because this is TV and you’ve gotta keep it moving.”He also added that Hirst has to “speed things up and manipulate situations” to tell a good story for television.

Meyers in Vikings Season 5

The actor also revealed the many reasons why he signed up on Vikings Season 5. While he has not seen an episode of the show before he was cast, he had so much fun on the set portraying the warrior bishop.

He shared that his character is going to be involved in a lot of fight scenes. Moreover, Bishop Heahmund is a man who can speak three languages: English, Anglo-Saxon and Latin.

As for his cast mates, it looks like he will clash with Lagertha and Bjorn Ironside. “I really had a great time working with Kathryn Winnick and Alexander Ludwig,” he said about his co-stars. ” They’re very, very good and very, very committed people.”

The next season of Vikings has already wrapped up filming and, according to a show producer, big things are coming to the critically-acclaimed series. Fans are awaiting what kind of adventures Ivar the Boneless and his brothers will embark to next. The Vikings are also expected to set foot in new territories.

History is yet to announce a premiere date, but Vikings Season 5 is expected to premiere later this year.

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